Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Renovation of Old Buckenham pond

Digging it clear
Work has started on renovating Green Pond, the one across the road from the village shop. A large digger is currently excavating and clearing the pond. The tree stumps, bracken and small trees are to be placed in a neat heap beside the pond wher they will act as a "bug reserve" and also for use by other wildlife such as hedgehogs.
The track on the opposite side of the road has turned out to be in worse condition than anticipated. It was planned to spread the material dug from the pond and use it to get rid of the potholes. A resident has now kindly offered to pay for a load of stone for this road, a very generous offer indeed.

More pictures have been taken today (Thursday) to show the progress on the pond and on repairing the track that runs along in front of the cottages.
Now all we need to do is wait for the pond to fill with water...

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