Thursday, 6 July 2017

Progress at Old Buckenham's new school

Pushing on at school site
The project is alive with activity at Chapel Green School in Old Buckenham. Work is progressing in all areas of the project, getting up into fifth gear and moving full steam ahead.
With the roof works progressing and curtain walling and glazing going in, all internal areas are now available for development. Internal walls are flying up and the finished areas of the layout are now becoming defined.
Externally, the brickwork cladding is progressing nicely now that the full steel frame structure is in position. The first floor balcony is in place and final guardrails are being installed, providing a nice area for the students to enjoy the sunshine above ground level.
Landscape changes are coming with excavators working hard to the south of the site to start forming the extensive external works for the project which will provide the students with key learning opportunities outside of the main building.
Morgan Sindall will be participating in the village fete on Saturday 8 July. This will be your chance to come and speak to them about the project in further detail. Also, a time-lapse video will shortly be available on the project microsite where you will be able to see the project rise from the ground in a few minutes.
Finally, as the summer holidays are approaching, please take the time to remind all children and young people of the dangers of construction sites and that they are not to be accessed at any point for their own safety. Thank you.

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