Thursday, 11 August 2022

Filming at Old Buckenham

How big is support team?

One look at the car park at Chapel Road School will give you an idea of how much is needed to keep the film crew operating.

Monday, 1 August 2022

Old Buckenham Players production

 Coming at the end of September

Following the success of their production of the thrilling Agatha Christie classic 'And Then There Were None' in May, Old Buckenham Players are now in the throes of preparing for their September production.

There'll be laughs a plenty on offer with their choice of play: 'Give Us A Sign' by Tony Domaille. This modern and clever comedy, rehearsals of which are well under way, is poised for its first showing in Norfolk and promises to be a more than worthy premiere.

You'll meet Kev and his hard working and long-suffering wife, Rachel, in their modest but comfortable home. With Kev's background in Sales, his unemployed status of the last few months looks set to end as he makes a bold leap and starts his own business - Clairvoyant Kev's Clairvoyancy Services. How much harder than sales could it really be? Rather, as it turns out. Through visits from mysterious clients and more than a little incompetence, the play culminates in a big reveal that has dramatic consequences on Kev and Rachel's life. But is it the very final 'reveal'...?

To find out, you'll have to come and see it. Performances are held at Old Buckenham Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 29 Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October. Tickets are available via Ticketsource, all details of which can be found on our website ( and our social media pages (just search for Old Buckenham Players on Facebook and Instagram and make sure you give them a 'follow' at the same time.) They'll be priced at just £10, so couple this with the bar and raffle, and you'd be hard pressed to find a night out of better value for money anywhere in the County.It's been a strange couple of years, so why not indulge in some quality, local entertainment, for an evening of something that's funny in the truest and most welcomed sense of the word. Your continued support and appreciation makes all the hard work well and truly worth it, so thank you, and we can't wait to see you there. 

Saturday, 30 July 2022

August Old Buckenham newsletter

 Out and about, colour or black and white

There were printing problems with the newsletter this time which means that some of you will get black and white copies. The words are the same, it is just pot luck which one you will get. 

We expect to be back to normal for the September issue.

Friday, 29 July 2022

Zumba in Old Buckenham

 Now in a new form

Lou has been doing her Zumba in Old Buckenham Village Hall for over ten  years now and has decided it needs a freshen up. All the details are on the poster. Why not come along on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am?

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Old Buckenham Yard Sales

Some thing to get rid of?

You must have some things you have been going to dispose of sometime. Steph is going to once again organise this yard sale to take place on Saturday 17 September. If you would like to take part and have your details on the map, please message your name and address to or ring 07565 419620

Deadline day to enter is Sunday 4 September.

Monday, 18 July 2022

Council minutes from July

 What the council have been up to

These notes are written by the blog editor and based on the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date.

Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 7 July 2022 at Old Buckenham Village Hall. Those present were Councillors Steve Milner (Chair), Adrian Joel, Terry Cook, Doug Irons and Mike Farrington. Apologies had been received from Naomi Bailey and Andy Nicholls. Also attending were Rachel Noyes (Clerk), Steve Askew (Breckland and County Councillor) and six members of the public.

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5 May were approved (3 in favour, 2 abstain).

Financial matters. The Community account balance was £32,320.37. This included Old Buckenham 2000 Trust donation for mugs of £600 and £335 from the selling of mugs. Cheques paid out in June totalled £1859.61 and included £78.15 on community cars, £100 on cutting the grass in the recreation area and £696.80 on the council’s annual insurance. In July payments totalled £2273.15 including a further £185.65 on community cars, £600 on cutting the grass on the Green, a further £100 on cutting the grass in the recreation area and £758 for repairs to the recreation area fencing and work in the play area. Approval to pay these was approved (5 in favour).

Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) forms sent to external auditors and displayed on website. Bank mandate forms sent to Barclays in order to add Registered Finance Officer (RFO) and Clerk to the account. Have also ensured that if there are any problems, the bank will phone for further verification. Awaiting response.

Councillor's reports. Steve Milner said the allotments had problems of vandalism, wildlife, drainage. Vacant allotments have become covered in weeds. Need to increase security, cover vacant allotments and improve drainage. A meeting has been arranged with allotment holders to look at list of options for improving it, in order to bring a list of requests to the Parish Council. Phone transmitter update. There is a lack of connection between the transmitter and electricity company and could take another four months to become active. Letter received from County Broadband about wayleaves. In the letter they were discussing wayleaves for Sudbury for some reason. A resident has a good contact and has written to them for clarification. 

The Parish Clerk said that thanks had been received from groups in receipt of their Precept Grants. The Annual Parish Meeting is on Saturday 16 July at 10am. Village Hall has been asked to notify shows performing there that the bus shelter is  not a noticeboard. Recreation Ground fencing has been repaired. The third defibrillator has been passed to Clerk in order to install in box at Ox and Plough. Will get this installed and registered ASAP. Will also produce a map of the locations and information for the Newsletter.

Have been contacted about poor parking on Fen Street, which is causing difficulties for residents to pass by cars parked on the narrow road. A request to residents to ensure that there is always enough room for vehicles, especially emergency vehicles, to pass your car. Letter written to request large hedge opposite the new footpath on Hargham Road is maintained up to the boundary of the property, in order to stop drivers mounting the footpath.

Adrian Joel mentioned that at previous meeting it was decided to give Community Car drivers the option to claim an extra 10p a mile, if they wanted, from start of June. As fuel prices are not coming down, he would like to propose that this is extended until end of December. This was approved (5 in favour).

Terry Cook asked Steve Askew about the reduction in hours at recycling centres and whether the County Council have made a decision. He felt that previous investigations into closing Recycling Centres was very short sighted as it would create fly tipping issues in the long term. Steve Askew informed the Parish Council that the decision for hours to be cut has already been made. It was felt that those that fly tip are those that will do it anyway, regardless of when the Recycling Centres are open. Could a request for volunteers for the Village Hall and the Parish Council be put on the Annual Parish Meeting agenda. Lay bys have become informally created by people parking on Crown Road, which are technically part of the Green. They look awful and it is illegal to park on the Green. Can we repair and look at options for stopping people and school buses from parking there.

Public Participation relating to agenda items only. A resident queried if the rental agreements with the two pubs had been completed, and if not, why not? This is causing a lack of funding towards the Green as payments have not been made. Steve Milner explained that together with Doug Irons and Terry Cook, they were in the process of creating a new formal system for the application and agreement for renting the Green. Both public houses had been contacted and the applications were in progress. The Manager of the Gamekeeper is having to raise it with the Brewery. The application for a regular event at the Ox and Plough has had to be re-submitted due to the lack of detail and poor risk assessment. The Parish Council had recently entered in to a new Insurance Policy which required the Parish Council show due diligence that we ensure all businesses using the Green are insured, organised and run according to the rules agreed. There are concerns amongst councillors that issues discussed verbally are already not being followed. A lack of communication between Parish Councillors has resulted in serious delays to the process. A new application for an event at the Ox and Plough has just been resubmitted by Steve Milner but Doug Irons and Terry Cook were not aware this had been completed. A new risk assessment will still need to be completed to a satisfactory standard. Additional applications are still required from the Ox and Plough for each event they host. Councillors will be held personally responsible for liability if there are any accidents until this is sorted. Steve Milner, Doug Irons and Terry Cook to meet with a priority to review and ensure the process is completed by the next PC meeting for both pubs.

To consider planning applications and to receive Breckland District Council’s decisions made on any planning applications received before the meeting. (All planning applications are available for viewing on the Breckland District Council planning portal – - Parish Councillors have been asked by the chairman to view the new applications in advance of the meeting).

New planning applications. Sustainable Urban Extension Land South of Attleborough. Variation of Condition No's 3,4,5, 8 & 25 on 3PL/2017/0996/O for 4,000 houses and associated infrastructure (3PL/2021/1668/VAR). Councillors felt the Parish Council should support the residents that have issues with some of the conditions. 'There are also conditions still to be addressed as raised by Flood & Water Management Team, Community and Environmental Service. There are concerns primarily about surface water. Proposal to support the objections made by residents was approved (5 in favour).

Downmore Farm, Banham Road. Proposed change of use of an existing agricultural building to dwelling house together with the building operations reasonably necessary to facilitate the conversion (3PL/2022/0604/F). The Environmental Health Officer has reservations about it being too close to a chicken shed and concerns about noise and odour. The application lacked enough detail in order to fully assess and assurances that the treatment plant was solely for the property. Proposal to request assessments are complete before making a judgement was approved (5 in favour).

Hammonds Farm, Stacksford. Conversion and extension of an existing barns to form Annexe (3PL/2022/0641/F). Councillors noted that it is a narrow public access road and would be a difficult for construction vehicles. The Highways planning statement advises that the accommodation is to form an annexe to the main farmhouse and, subject to this being the case and that it not be let or sold separately, it would be difficult to substantiate a highway objection. Proposal to accept as long as Highways conditions are met was approved (5 in favour).

The Kenyons, The Green. Detached Cart Shed Garage with Mansard Roof (3PL/2022/0689/HOU). Councillors could see no problems with the application and had no objections. Proposal to accept was approved (5 in favour).

Clay Barn, Attleborough Road (Barn C complex). Proposed Conversion of former agricultural buildings for residential use forming two dwellings (3PL/2022/0736/F). Have planning permission for three dwellings but want to reduce it to two. The Parish Council previously approved the application. Mike Farringdon highlighted that there would be no pedestrian access to any areas and will have to use car to go everywhere. Proposal to accept was approved (5 in favour).

Land adjacent Snetterton Farm, Banham Road. Self build three bedroomed dwelling, detached timber garage and ground mounted solar panel array (3PL/2022/0750/F). Previous application was rejected by Breckland. Have re submitted the application with more information. Access to property would still be via existing driveway. Highways have suggested some conditions about the joining of the road and cutting back hedges. The Parish Coucil previously supported the application and a proposal to support was approved (5 in favour).

60 Fen Street. Proposed two storey rear extension to form study and bedroom & proposed carport to side (3PL/2022/0427/HOU). Main objections are windows overlooking neighbouring properties. Highways also have some conditions. Proposal to approve as long as Highways conditions are met and windows are changed was approved (4 in favour, 1 abstain).

Appeals. The following application has been appealed. Rear of 41 Hargham Road. Erection single storey dwelling and two bay cart lodge (self build) (3PL/2021/0830/O). Proposed two storey rear extension to form study and bedroom & proposed carport to side. Appeal reference APP/F2605/W/22/3295975 and appeal start date Friday 24 June 2022.

The following appeal has been dismissed. Beckwood, Stacksford, Old Buckenham, NR17 1PD. Appeal Reference APP/F2605/W/21/3283028.

Puddledock Corner, VAS sign. Steve Askew met with Highways to discuss options after issues being raised at previous meeting. A flashing “Slow Down” or “Bend Ahead” sign is a suggested option that would be supported by Highways and would cost approximately £7000. This could be purchased through the Parish Partnership Scheme (PPS) in which the PC would only have to pay half (£3500) and the other half would be met by Norfolk County Council. The verge on the corner does not all belong to Highways however they will ensure that it will all be cut up to fence. The Landowner has been very helpful and has cut back the long grass within the field. It was highlighted that vegetation can only be cut back so far and while one of the trees over hangs a little bit, it belongs to the landowner.

A resident suggested a special paint that would provide better grip in all weather but this had not been suggested or approved by Highways.

Mike Fariington explained that there had been several accidents recently which had destroyed a lot of a residents fencing. He felt that while most are down to driver error, there is not enough done to try and stop/reduce driver error. It was explained that the camber was changed on that corner 4/5 years ago and, as a consequence, the areas of most accidents have changed. This emphasises that the camber affects the location of accidents and that it is still not right on this corner. He felt that the flashing VAS sign would be a good help but it would be further helped if it was backed up with a speed limit. Doug Irons felt that the majority of drivers take that corner at very low speeds and so a speed limit would have little impact. He also felt there is a danger of ‘sign blindness’ so questioned if the signs be rearranged to keep them fresh in people’s minds. The issue will be raised at Annual Parish Meeting for feedback from Old Buckenham residents before deciding if this is something that the Parish Council wish to purchase.

Parking and driving on Sunnyside Farm. Steve Askew spoke to Highways about the Sunnyside track and the possible idea of a trod (a footpath with a loose surface) was put forward. This would provide a safe area for walking but there were concerns that it might encourage drivers to increase their speed as there would be no pedestrians on the track. Highways suggested that while it looked feasible, it may be a bit difficult due to the proximity of BT and power lines. There is no quote for the cost of a trod, but it would be a significant cost. While the track is a public highway and so cars are in their right to drive down it, it was questioned if there was a speed limit in place on the track and why it has always been left as a track and not tarmacked. Clerk to contact Highways to seek answers to questions raised.

There are also an increasing large numbers of cars parking on the actual Green, as well as the footpaths. It is believed that many of them belong to the High School staff. Clerk to email Headteacher to arrange meeting to discuss the issue.

Holding OB 2000 Trust Funds. The Old Buckenham 2000 Trust are wishing to deregister and close down the Trust due to a lack of volunteers to continue it. There is just over £2000 still remaining and they would like to provide an asset for the village with the residual funds. However, as they haven’t made a final decision on what it should be, they have requested that the funds be temporarily held by the Parish Council, while the Trust is deregistered and closed. Clerk spoke to the Parish Council’s Registered Finance Officer (RFO) who had said that this would cause no problems. Proposal to support approved (5 in favour.)

Filming in Old Buckenham. The Parish Council have been contacted by a Production Company who wish to film some of a TV series in and around Old Buckenham. While discussions are taking place with individual landowners, there has been a request to film on the Green and also to ensure there is suitable parking for their 12 trucks. Filming will take place between Friday 5 and Monday 15 August. Locations for parking their vehicles have been suggested to the Production Company who are looking in to the most suitable. These do not include parking on the grass of the Green. The Green Working Party contacted and general feedback was quite positive. Proposal to support was approved (5 in favour).

New date for Street Party. Due to bad weather, the village Jubilee Street party had to be cancelled. Steve Milner has spoken to the Street Party organiser and suggestion of early September was put forward. Will look in to the possibly combining with Jubilee Tree planting.

Tree Planning Organisation. Resident who suggested idea of seven trees for each decade of the Queen’s reign is going to speak to a local Tree Surgeon for advice about suitable species. Adrian Joel will liaise and investigate possible suitable locations.

Children’s playground. After broken glass has been found in the playground, the Parish Council would like to purchase a “No glass beyond this point” sign for each gate. Propose to accept was approved (5 in favour). During inspection, the ‘spring chicken’ was highlighted as being too close to the fence (must be 1 metre away). Builder investigated removing it, only to discover that the concrete base it is set in is approximately 1.5m square and 50cm deep. Some of the base also goes under the fencing between the two play areas. Option 1 is to cut off the spring at the base and make it safe, which would cost roughly £50 for labour. Option 2 would be using a digger to remove and replace the original which would cost about £450. Proposal to go with Option 1, with the idea of purchasing a new piece of play equipment in the future, was approved (5 in favour).

Items for next agenda. These will include Neighbourhood Plan, flashing sign at Puddledock (following feedback at Annual Parish Meeting), Allotments and Pub rental agreements.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 4 August at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Latest Old Buckenham village newsletter

Lots of original content

Printed copies of the July 2022 newsletter didn't arrive in the village until the afternoon of Friday 1 July but their distribution has started and you may have had one delivered already. Its brightly-coloured cover looks like this:

Inside there are plenty of original articles written by local people as there were no parish council minutes to take up much of the available space. Take time to read them all and even consider writing something yourself for future issues.

Monday, 27 June 2022

Did you go to Old Buckenham fete?

 All go at Chapel Green School

It was very busy at the Chapel Green School fete on Saturday. The weather was ideal, loads of people came and they all seemed keen to spend their money. First indications are that it raised at least twice as much as the previous fete.

Enjoying the sunshine...

...while eating hot dogs and burgers

The police and fire brigade came along as well

Drawing the prizes for the raffle took over half an hour

Friday, 24 June 2022

Chance to visit Old Buckenham School

Go exploring

Fete in 2019, now back again

Have you ever felt reluctant to go down the entrance road to Chapel Green School and past those barriers? Tomorrow, Saturday 25 June, they are holding their fete and would love you to visit them between noon and 3pm. See the buildings and grounds, meet some of the staff, pupils and members of the Friends of Chapel Green School. Try out some of the many stalls and just have a good time.

You can enjoy yourselves while making some money to support the school get those little extras that will make life even better for the pupils. See you there.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Old Buckenham Green

Cleaning up

Two requests from the Green Management Committee, One is for the bunting to be removed from alongside of Crown Road, the proposed site for the Jubilee street party that was cancelled. The other is to remind everyoneto come along and help to “litter pick” this coming Sunday 19 June. Meet at 11am by the play area. All equipment provided!

Family groups welcome, the children love it.

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Old Buckenham school celebrating at fifty

A chance to visit Chapel Green School

The Friends of Chapel Green School (formerly of Chapel Road School) are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year hosting a Summer fete on Saturday 25 June. They hope to see you all to celebrate this special occasion. They have some fantastic raffle prizes to be won, craft stalls, music from the brilliant Stardust Duo, Emergency vehicles, Cinders the pony lucky dip, lots of fun and games for all the family, refreshments/pancakes/waffles etc from Flippin Marvellous, BBQ and lots more. They look forward to seeing you all.

Thursday, 2 June 2022

History of Old Buckenham

 Jubilee exhibition

Try to get to the Village Hall during Friday 3 or Saturday 4 June to see various displays relating to activities in the village during the Queen's reign. Information about All Saints Church, the Women's Institute, commemorative postage stamps, memorabilia collected by Roger Wilson and the recent work on Ottomer Pond. 

If you go on Friday's Village Walk you will end up at the Village Hall so you can look around then. Also your opportunity to pick up your Jubilee mugs.

Old Buckenham's Street Party

 Take part at another time

The weather is now forecast to be heavy rain so the organisers have decided to cancel this event. Please let others know. Thanks.

The weather is looking promising for Sunday 5 June so get organised to come along and enjoy a traditional British Street Party in honour of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

Party scene from 2012

Grab some food and drink and come along for a celebratory afternoon as a village. There should be tables and chairs for approximately 200 people. If you have your own tables/chairs/picnic blanket then it would be great if you could bring them along too. The more the merrier!
Bring your own food and drink (and maybe some extra to share) and games for the kids. We look forward to seeing lots of villagers there.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Old Buckenham June newsletter

 Late delivery

Good news, copies have arrived and will be distributed over the next couple of days.

Unfortunately problems have arisen with the availability of the June newsletter. The printer's machine gave up after only a couple of hundred copies had been produced and the necessary spare parts have been difficult to obtain. They will go out for delivery as soon as they are available.

Old Buckenham's Jubilee Walk

Enjoy fresh air, exercise and chatting on the move
Why not come out and enjoy some fresh air with friends on the Jubilee Walk? It will leave from outside the Church Rooms at 10am on Friday 3 June, finishing off at the Village Hall at approximately 11.30am depending on your walking speed. The walk is 4.5 miles walking on fields and roads, dogs on leads will be welcome.
It will head off down Mill Road, through Stacksford, turn left at the Georgian House down the track, left over the bridge before Hammonds Farm, straight over at the road by Rose Cottage, across the Permissive Path, left back down Sandy Lane, turn right to Mill Road, back to the village hall.
Tea coffee, soft drinks and biscuits will be available at the village hall at the end of the walk and walkers are encouraged to return to the hall to view all the displays of village history in the exhibition there.

Sunday, 29 May 2022

Four days in Old Buckenham

 Plenty to choose from

Plan your time carefully  and take advantage of all the activities that will be going on.

Friday, 27 May 2022

Jubilee events in Old Buckenham

 Get your cake and eat it

One event to pop along to next week.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

More Old Buckenham Parish Council decisions

May Parish Council meeting

These notes were written by the blog editor editor from the draft minutes so may contain information that is amended at a later date.

Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 5 May at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall. Those present were Councillors Steve Milner (Chair), Adrian Joel, Naomi Bailey, Doug Irons and Andy Nicholls. Apologies for non-attendance had been received from Terry Cook. Also attending were Rachel Noyes (Clerk), Donna Oakley (RFO) and Steve Askew (District and County Councillor) as well as nine members of the public.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair. Steve Milner nominated to be Chair (all in favour). Naomi Baily nominated as Vice Chair (all in favour).

Minutes of April meeting were approved (4 in favour, 1 abstain).

Financial matters. The Community account balance is £39,118.86 which includes first precept grant of £10,970.50. A VAT claim has been submitted for £1,615.11. Precept grants already approved totalled £3,106 (£500 held back for Almshouses). Cheque payments approved (5 in favour) totalled £4,863.93 including £814.45 for Jubilee mugs and £30 for Jubilee leaflets.

The Clerk, Donna Oakley (the RFO) and Adrian Joel are going to have another meeting with the bank to try and update bank details and sort various issues. These include changing names on the account and setting up online banking. This has been attempted several times with no success. Propose to have RFO, Clerk and Chairman to be authorised for cheque signatures, although only one signature will be required. Approved (5 in favour). As there is no Parish Council meeting in June, a proposal to pre-approve cheques that require payment in June was also approved (5 in favour). The Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) had been sent out to Councillors. While there was a slight over spend on the playground, the Parish Council were still within their budget last year. Once approved by the Parish Council, AGAR is sent to internal and external auditors. A proposal to accept the AGAR and a proposal for AGAR to be sent to internal auditor were both approved (5 in favour).

Reports from Councillors. Doug Irons updated on the Neighbourhood Plan. Grants have been approved for another year by Breckland. He has made contact with a couple of residents who have already showed interest and will be meeting with them to try and understand issues/participation, etc, from previous work. Will then start forming a sub-committee if enough interest can be found.

Naomi Bailey, Adrian Joel and Rachel Noyes had attended a meeting at Old Buckenham High School with the Deputy Head and Year 11 students. Meeting was well received and positive. On Friday 27 May the school are planting a tree to mark the Jubilee – this could be included within the seven trees planned for the village in October. Students from all three schools will look at designing the plaques. School Council will make a regular item in their meetings to raise issues in the village and Parish Council, which will then be communicating via Naomi Bailey, for the Parish Council to discuss. Also discussed a possible Open Day at the end of term for the community and a working party to look at painting bus shelter.

Adrian Joel said there was a need to chase up defibrillator to be put in the box at Ox and Plough. Also the recreation ground fencing still needs attention. The Clerk explained that there was some miscommunication which has been sorted now and local tradesman will fix it soon. The Parish Council’s trailer is still at an ex Councillor’s house and needs to be moved. Agreed can be moved to Chairman’s property for storage. Meeting required with Gamekeeper management about Green rent and car park maintenance. There had been vandalism at the allotments and Police need to be notified.

The Clerk thanked Terry Cook for taking the minutes at the previous meeting when she was unable to attend. The Green Working Party had reported that the Recreation area has been cut and the Handyman has started regular maintenance around the Green. He has mown paths where necessary and also the grass by Crown Road for the Street Party. Will mow it again shortly and the Green will be cut ready for Jubilee weekend. Relation of an Almshouse resident has contacted the Parish Council to ask for help with high electric bills and possible renewable energy sources. The Parish Council are unable to help with this directly and the Almshouse Trust can research possible alternative energy options. However, as high cost of living is affecting lots of residents of all ages, the Clerk will put together a collection of advice for all residents for managing these costs/grants/alternatives, etc, to be published online and in the newsletter.

The bill for mowing the Recreation Ground had been given to Andy Nicholls and it was agreed to add this to the list of cheques for approval (5 in favour).

Bin collection issues were discussed by Steve Askew. While collections after the changes were initially on track, there have recently been several issues, eg Stacksford black bins had not been collected for two weeks. He had contacted Serco who explained it is down to staffing issues. Have strongly advised that issues are sorted and collections are caught up straight away. Issues regarding parking and speeding on Sunnyside track (between schools and B1077) have been passed on. He has contacted the local Highway Engineer to arrange meeting at the site. He will keep the Parish Council informed and keep them updated after the meeting. After discussions with Highways about Puddledock corner, the option of a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) has been suggested, which could be paid through the Parish Partnership Scheme (PPS). This will be added to next agenda for full discussion by the Parish Council.

Public participation. A parishioner would like Parish Council to take in consideration that as the village has met its housing quota, there will be increasing levels of applications on arable land. In the long term, this could cause problems for food production. Andy Nicholls explained that Breckland are not currently meeting their 5 Year Plan (an allocation of land for 5 years worth of planning). This could possibly result in more rural areas being approved for planning applications.

A resident from Sunnyside track explained that during the start and end of the school day there is excessive amount of parking on the track and people are sometimes travelling at quite excessive speeds while families are walking along it. Due to a lack of parking at schools for their staff, some cars are parked all day. The track is getting in to a poor state, especially during wet weather. Some drivers are also abusive and aggressive when asked to slow down. Steve Milner advised that it would be useful to record incidents of near misses or abuse as this would help support any future actions. Parish Council will discuss fully at next meeting.

New planning applications. 60 Fen Street. Proposed two storey rear extension to form study and bedroom & proposed carport to side (3PL/2022/0427/HOU). Highways have no issue with the application. Proposal to support was approved (5 in favour).

Arenal, New Buckenham Road. Extension to existing building for tractor/log storage and additional hardstanding area. (retrospective) (3PL/2022/0433/F). Supplies wood for local area. Due to other local suppliers stopping, they are having an increase in demand for fire wood. This is a sustainable fuel source. Neighbours have no objection to the application. Parish Council found no problems in the application and happy to support a local business. Proposal to support approved (5 in favour).

Land opposite Arenal, New Buckenham Road. Use of site for storage, cutting and timber log distribution business (certificate of lawfulness - existing use) (3PL/2022/0434/EU). Proposal to support approved (5 in favour).

Land at Rosedale, Fen Street. Erection of 1. No C3 dwellinghouse and part demolition of outbuilding to be used as garage (3PL/2022/0429/F). No issues from Highways or other consultees. Looks in keeping with the village. Proposal to support approved (5 in favour).

Cuffer Lane. Erection of a New Agricultural Building (3PL/2021/1528/F). New location plan, proposed site layout, proposed elevation & floor plans, vulnerable questionnaire survey, design & access statement and preliminary ecological appraisal. Need to be consistent. Proposal that the Parish Council stand by their original objection and comments was approved (5 in favour).

Planning decisions by Breckland Council. The following application has now been considered and the application has been refused. Hammonds Farm, Stacksford. Conversion & extension to an existing barn to form Annexe (3PL/2022/0058/F).

Annual Parish Meeting. Village Hall booked for Saturday 16 July from 10am to 12 noon. Could be an opportunity to raise the Neighbourhood Plan and Churchyard. Clerk and Chairman to compile agenda.

Community Car costs. The Community Car scheme is a vital service for the village to help get vulnerable residents to medical appointments. The passenger pays 50%, Breckland 25% and Parish Council 25% of the 45p per mile cost that can be claimed. With fuel costs on the rise, councillors were concerned about the drivers losing out financially. However, after 45p/mile, they will have to pay tax. Proposal of a temporary increase of 10p per mile for three months was approved (5 in favour).

Insurance company quote. Quote received from BHIB Councils Insurance, who work in partnership with NALC. Total premium of £740.60 (inclusive of 12% insurance premium tax). A three-year Long Term Undertaking would reduce the annual premium to £696.80. This would be £142.48 more a year than previous premium. Documents had been emailed to Councillors to read and raise any questions in advance. Two issues were raised. Were Councillors covered by the policy when working with other community groups, on behalf of the Parish Council? This has been confirmed by BHIB who stated “if the Councillors are carrying out their duties for the Council then the Council policy will extend”. Doug Irons enquired about the cover for a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, which would contain residents. The Clerk is to enquire. Also the policy requires playgrounds to be inspected every seven days. This has been confirmed by BHIB Insurance. Parish Council currently carry these out monthly and felt that once a week was excessive. Naomi Bailey explained that during the course for playground inspections, she was advised once a month was sufficient. A proposal to accept the BHIB Councils Insurance quote with the request that the playground inspection be amended to once a month was approved (5 in favour).

In line with new Insurance agreement, Terry Cook has been ensuring that the Ox and Plough has the relevant insurance to provide cover for hosting events on the Green. When asked whether the Public Liability extended to events on the Green (rented land) and not just the pub premises, the Landlord assured that “yes, any event on the Green is covered” and had been assured by his Insurer several times on the matter. He will also provide extra documentation for clarity.

Chapel Green Pupil Extension. Consultation has opened for increasing the numbers of pupils at Chapel Green by 50, from 110 to 160. The Parish Council has been contacted as part of the consultation process for feedback. A statement provided in advance from Terry Cook said “I agree that expanding the number of pupils with complex needs at this successful and purpose built provision is educationally sound and would best meet the needs of complex needs pupils within the Authority. I also agree that these places for each pupil will be additionally funded. However, where I am in complete disagreement with the plan is that Norfolk County Council will only provide additional funding for minor building alterations. This is a dereliction of their duty of care to the current and future pupils at Chapel Green School. When this resource was first planned and built it was undertaken in recognition of the special and individual needs of complex needs pupils. As such, specialist resource areas were built to provide the pupils with the facilities that would enable them to be cared for, to develop and grow as active and participative members of society. For these pupils life skills, communication skills and the development of personal skills that will enable each and everyone of them to function fully as members of society is vital. To this end transition skills, confidence building and the acquisition of the skills to function as an equal member of society is crucial. The plan being put forward by Norfolk County Council would mean the loss of specialist resources and skill development areas to be turned into general classrooms. This means the current cohort of pupils at the school will have their opportunities greatly diminished. This is not equal or fair. It will also mean that future pupils will not receive the level of care or provision their predecessors have enjoyed. These young people are some of the most vulnerable in society we must fight to ensure their rights are guaranteed. If Norfolk County Council wants to increase numbers at the school they must provide extra capital funding to ensure the buildings and facilities are fit for purpose and fully meet not only the educational, personal, life-long skill needs and community needs of this most vulnerable group of pupils but also the priorities on which the initial Chapel Green School was built.” Councillors were in strong agreement with Terry Cook’s comments and points. They also highlighted the impact this would have on the roads and parking. With high staff-to-pupil ratio, a lot of extra staff will need to attend and park at the school. The existing car park is already full and there does not seem to be any plans to accommodate the extra cars. The Clerk to provide feedback on the consultation. Several Councillors plan to attend the online consultation meeting with the school.

Solicitor Quote and Prince Harry’s Wood update. Require conveyancy solicitor to deal with transfer of Prince Harry’s Wood (PHW) from Breckland. Requested quotes from three solicitors but only one provided: £1000 + VAT + disbursements. Proposal to approve quote was approved (5 in favour). The Clerk will send solicitor details over to Breckland, along with a list of items that the Parish Council feel are in need of clarification and rectifying before purchase. These include the removal of all litter and request for some trees to be coppiced: the trees which boundary the Marchfield Way properties are causing overhang issues and on the road side, they protrude onto the footpath and are starting to impede vision for motorists.

Jubilee update. An open meeting was held on Saturday 23 April for an update on plans. Most plans are in place or in progress. Decided to add to the Exhibition by displaying the history of Old Buckenham over the 70 years and have had good response to request for photographs/items from community groups and residents. Due to time constraints, standard Platinum Jubilee mugs had to be ordered as the commemorative gift for residents. Order forms have been printed and distributed in Newsletter. The Old Buckenham 2000 Trust have kindly offered to donate £600 towards the cost of the mugs for residents. A schedule of events has also been printed to provide an overall guide for residents. The Royal Scarecrow Trail will be advertised and promoted during May.

Items for next agenda. These will include Puddledock corner and Sunnyside track traffic.

Next Parish Council meeting. This will be held on Thursday 7 July starting at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall. Note there is no meeting in June due to Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.


Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Waste paper collection in Old Buckenham

 Where's our bin?

The Village Hall car park has been promised a new one by the end of the week. It appears that we wore the other one out and it's having to be repaired...

New bin has arrived, bright blue and with no lettering on it. Now let's quickly fill it up.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Consultation on Old Buckenham school

Consultation by Governors of Chapel Green School

The Governors would like to hear your views on their exciting plans at Chapel Green School, Attleborough Road, Old Buckenham, NR17 1RF.

They are proposing to increase the number of pupils with complex needs, to 160 from 1st September 2022. They are committed to expanding the successful provision, for the needs of their current pupils and to meet demand for future pupils. Currently there is an increased need to provide places for children and young people with complex needs in this area of Norfolk. This proposal will provide much needed specialist educational capacity to meet this increased need.

They are running a consultation on the proposals from Monday 25 April to Friday 10 June 2022. By creating extra places at Chapel Green School, they can offer more children and young people an opportunity to learn with them. These are children and young people who currently would have to travel long distances to school to access their educational needs or continue to struggle in their current schools, without the specialist help that they require.

This will not be 50 children in one term, but phased over several terms. Chapel Green School will receive additional funding based around the increase in number of pupils. This will provide the additional staffing and resources needed for the extra pupils. Norfolk County Council is proposing to provide additional funding for minor building alterations.

This consultation is an opportunity to express your views and ask questions on their proposal to increase the pupil numbers.

You can take part by completing the online questionnaire via this link: or by obtaining a questionnaire from the Headteacher’s Personal Assistant, either by post or emailing to

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Another Old Buckenham newsletter

Lots more news

The May newsletter may have already dropped through your letter box so read it carefully all the way through and find out what has been going on. Also there is an insert listing the local activities happening for the Jubilee celebrations at the start of June and an order form if you would like a commemorative mug. 

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Murders galore in Old Buckenham

Find out who did it

Old Buckenham Players are proud to present their latest production for this May, the mystery thriller And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie on Thursday 19, Friday 20 and 21 May at Old Buckenham Village Hall.

Eight people arrive on a small, isolated island off the Devon coast, each having received an unexpected personal invitation. During the first evening a gramophone recording accuses all ten people of past crimes that went unpunished by the law. Soon they start dying one at a time, and the remaining guests deduce that the murderer is one of their own.

This highly acclaimed, tense thriller is one not to be missed and we are expecting high demand for tickets so book early at or call 07783 461803

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Alternative quiz in Old Buckenham

Great fun was had during this inventive quiz evening held at the Methodist Church on Saturday 23 April. Their were just four teams trying not to take it too seriously but the results showed that the final scores were very close. They were (out of a maximum of 100):

 The Methodists 59

The Timelords 68

Women’s Institute 69

Saints & Sinners 71

The event also raised £133 for St Martins Housing Trust. 

Friday, 22 April 2022

Council minutes for Old Buckenham

 April Parish Council minutes

These notes have been written by the village newsletter editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a latter date.

Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 7 April at Old Buckenham Village Hall. Those present were Councillors Steve Milner (Chair), Adrian Joel, Naomi Bailey, Doug Irons and Terry Cook who also took the minutes. Apologies for being unable to attend had been received from Mike Farrington, Andy Nicholls and Rachel Noyes (Clerk). Three members of the public also attended. The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 3 March were approved (5 in favour).

Financial matters. The current Community account balance is £28,772.50. Total payments of £3007.34 were approved (5 in favour) which included £1,768.43 for maintenance of the Play Area.

Councillors’ reports. The defibrillator still requires phone to be attached to ensure it is fully operable. Any jobs around the Green for the handyman need to be indicated so they can be completed before Jubilee Celebrations. Grass to be cut in the Recreation Area and the chairman is chasing up fence repair. Still need to find location for the Village trailer.

Doug Irons is continuing with background work on the Village Plan. Naomi Bailey has had further contact with the High School. Proposed date for meeting between Parish Councillors and the School Council is Friday 29 April. School are unable to allow the use of the High School MUGA. There is still an issue with cars and vans parking on the road and path in Hargham Road by the new housing development. The Parish Council will discuss with the contractors. All schools in the village have been contacted about making bunting for the Jubilee. High School has said no, Chapel Green is discussing and the Primary School is making.

Items from the Clerk were read out at the meeting. The owner of the empty house on Post Office Terrace was not happy with the term “state of disrepair” being used to describe the property and says that it is well looked after and regularly checked on. Road closure for Jubilee Street Party completed (thanks to Terri Hammond) and paid for (£37.64). Playdale have visited the Play Area to lift the roundabout and replace the bearings. The ‘Spring chicken’ will hopefully be done soon by local tradesman. A resident whose father loved Old Buckenham and lived here most of his life had passed away before Christmas. One of his requests was to have his ashes scattered on the Green. Is this OK? If so, are there any areas that are specifically out of bounds for this? The meeting would need to consult the regulations relating to the Green before providing an answer and the subject would be on the agenda for May.

Breckland Council not aware that the Cotman Trust has any ownership of Prince Harry’s Wood despite a resident claiming that they pay towards the maintenance of it. Residents need to check what that maintenance payment is for. Naomi Bailey added that she had been approached by a resident about the surrounding area and suggested that the Cotman Trust be approached regarding the cutting of the grass and trees on their area of responsibility. Decision has been made by Breckland to transfer the wood to Old Buckenham Parish Council. Environmental Services will send over records from their tree inspections over the last few years. Zoe Footer and Fiona Culshaw (Breckland District Council) are happy to meet up and discuss what state the wood should be in at point of transfer. They would like a list of potential issues ahead of the visit, eg litter and condition of trees. Councillors have been emailed to mention any issues they think need addressing. Steve Askew has requested that as part of the transfer that the trees which boundary the Marchfield Way properties are coppiced beyond the boundary fence as they are causing overhang issues. Likewise, the trees on the B1077 side are in need of coppicing as they protrude onto the footpath and are starting to impede vision for motorists. Currently a solicitor is being sought to complete the transfer process so details can be sent to Breckland.

A parishioner had been asked by Steve Milner to investigate a possible MUGA being built on the Recreation Area. He reported back that an approach had been made to Andy Nicholls who said he would raise the issue of obtaining drainage quotes as an initial step. An outline price guide of £40,000 plus vat for a 20metre by 10metre fenced tarmac surface, multi-use games area, with football goals and basketball nets, 1metre side fence, and 3metre high end fencing behind the goals. The price would rise for a 30metre by 15 metre size of the same specification to £60,000 plus vat. Polymer rubber surface would cost more. Grants would obviously need to be sought, alongside fundraising. There could be other options too, such as better drainage, rolling and cutting, which may make it more useable. As Andy Nicholls could not make the meeting, the matter was deferred to the May meeting.

A meeting needs to take place between the chairman and residents to discuss payment options for improving the track between the shop and the phone box. A quote has been received for re-surfacing section up to the posts.

Reminder needed that a second Village Meeting will be taking place on Saturday 23 April in the village hall from 10am to noon. This is to check on Jubilee planning and see what still needs doing. Tea/coffee/cake will be available again and some paper and pens. Councillors added that there is a need for wider publicity for this meeting.

Public participation relating to agenda items. A parishioner has reported to Breckland Council the rubbish that has accumulated in Prince Harry’s Wood. Despite having an acknowledgment code, no action had been taken so far by Breckland. In discussion this matter was seen as a wider issue in the parish as there are instances of fly tipping not being addressed by Breckland. It was recommended that this issue should be raised with Breckland when the joint meeting is held regarding Prince Harry’s Wood. Also, the matter should be taken up with our District Councillor.

It was remarked by a parishioner that the width of Hargham Road by the new build houses is now an issue. Despite the contractors apparently having a separate area for parking there are still cars, vans and lorries being parked on the road and pavement. Alternatives were discussed including requesting Breckland monitor the situation and discussing with Highways the possibility of installing a chicane safety measure (as in Spooner Row). Another parishioner remarked on the narrowness of part of the new footpath and raised the question ‘was it wide enough to allow wheelchair use’.

An observation was made by another parishioner – ‘are there now too many trees being planted on the Green?’. It was further remarked ‘who is going to maintain them in the long-term’. (Steve Milner confirmed there is a tree maintenance plan in existence.) A further question was posed ‘are all the new trees plotted on the Green Tree Plan. (Steve Milner said a statement would be sought from the Green Maintenance Committee.)

A question was then raised by a parishioner regarding the new planning application for 12 houses on Hargham Road (discussion on this item merged into the first item under Planning Applications below). It was noted by a parishioner that the Planning Officer recommends refusal; the target for new houses in Old Buckenham is already exceeded; the new application sits outside the settlement boundary and does not enhance the character or appearance of the Parish; the development would place a further danger on two close dangerous road junctions. Further discussion by the public stressed the development was at the entrance to the village, part of the countryside and the development was not in keeping with the village. Further concerns were also raised about the level of construction on an already difficult stretch of road.

New planning applications. Hargham Road. Residential Development - 12 Units (3PL/2022/0298/F). Discussion continued from the previous agenda item. It was felt that the application was outside the village boundary; there were numerous Highways issues; the development would be on top of an already exceeded local plan target; it was not in keeping with the village and surrounding countryside. It was proposed to vote for rejection (5 voted in favour of rejection).

Planning Decisions by Breckland Council. The below applications have now been considered and the applications have been approved: Friedland, Cake Street. Side, rear extension and new roof to form 1st floor accommodation (3PL/2021/1711/HOU). Despite approval, it was reported that the Council had been made aware of concerns about possible flooding due to drainage alterations.

Redbourne House, Abbey Road. Proposed front double garage link conversion of existing attached garage and rear extension (3PL/2022/0071/HOU).

The Old Crown Gate Bakery, The Green. Change existing garden room roof from polycarbonate to tapco tiled roof (3PL/2022/0224/HOU and 3PL/2022/0225/LB).

The Council also had just received (too late to be on the distributed agenda) Ash Tree Cottage, The Green. Single Storey Rear Extension (3PL/2022/0181/HOU).

The following application has now been considered and the application has been refused: Walnut Shade, Cake Street. Retrospective alterations to the layout of the annexe and change of use to enable the annexe to be rented out as a separated self-contained unit (3PL/2021/1555/F).

The following application has been passed to the Planning Committee: Coal Storage Yard, Road from Stacksford Lane to Hargham Road. Outline permission for 3 no. Dwellings (3PL/2021/1564/O). Steve Milner will be attending the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Council also had just received (too late to be on the distributed agenda) from the Planning Inspectorate in relation to The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 – Appeal Ref: APP/F2605/W/21/3279448 - the appeal decision regarding application 3PN/2021/0013/UC: Roughlands Farm, Grove Road, Old Buckenham. The decision is the proposal is not permitted development and the appeal is, therefore, dismissed.

Community Car Scheme fuel costs. This item was raised because of the rise in fuel costs. Currently, the nationally agreed rate for car use is paid. Figure is made up of contributions from the Parish Council, Breckland Council and the user. This is a voluntary scheme (the Breckland scheme is viewed very positively as a good community project) to just cover costs. It is felt that the volunteer community drivers should not be out of pocket and be recompensed for their endeavours. With the large rise in fuel costs the Council feel it is time to review the rate paid. As we are not the only Council to face this issue it was proposed to seek advice from Breckland Council and NALC (the Advisory Body for Parish Councils). Voted 5 in favour.

Signatures on cheques. As new signatories for cheques are required it was felt that this was a good time to review the Council payment procedures. It was agreed the Council would research the possible introduction of electronic banking alternatives.

Use of the Green amendments. Three documents were put before the Council for formal adoption:

I. ‘Policy for Use of The Village Green’ – this is an updated version of the previous policy to include the extension of the lease until March 2042 and the wishes of the Executors of The Lord of The Manor to formally withdraw from the agreement in February 2022 as they stated they did not wish to exercise an interest in the Green. The new agreement was formally agreed between the Old Buckenham Parish Council and Old Buckenham Green Rights Proprietors to manage the Green for the Parish as a whole. In March 2022 a twenty-year extension agreement was signed by the Parish Council and Green Rights Proprietors.

II. ‘Village Green Application for Lettings’ – the process and application form.

III. ‘Village Green Application for Lettings Confirmation’ – formal agreement between the Parish Council and Applicant.

All three documents would be forwarded to the Chair of the Green Rights Proprietors and Green Management committees. It was reported that these three documents would be standardised into a common format, use a standard template, and become controlled documents (modifications to document headers and exemplification statements will be centrally managed by a control group). This means the template is automated and any modifications to one document will automatically transfer to the other two. All modifications will be tracked and the most up to date version will appear on the Council website. Applicants can then download the forms and complete them online. Any use of the Green must comply with the “Policy for Use of The Green’ and formal permission granted via the ‘Village Green Application for Lettings Confirmation’ before the activity can take place.

Annual Parish Meeting. After detailed discussion it was agreed to hold the meeting on a Saturday morning in July (exact date will be dependent on availability of the Village Hall) before the school summer holidays begin. A format and speakers were discussed (see Churchyard item below), and these will be formalised at the next Parish Council meeting.

Insurance Company. The Clerk tabled a paper informing the Council that she had been notified by Norris and Fisher (Insurance Broker) that they will no longer be undertaking Parish Council Insurance as from the renewal date, Wednesday 1 June 2022. She looked at NALCs website and saw they are partnered with BHIB, who also have a relationship with Aviva. Councillors were sent a link to their website to have a look at it and the. opportunity to think about any issues they wanted highlighting in a policy. Also to ensure it covers everything they wanted and needed it to do. BHIB also offer a subscription to Parish Online if the parish council take out a three-year deal. This is a digital asset mapping tool for Councils and can be used for many things, including Neighbourhood Plans. Councillors are submitting any further questions to the Clerk they want answered and also requesting boundaries of costs. When Councillors have the full information, they will formally discuss at their May meeting (Thursday 5 May) and vote on whether they wish to sign up to BHIB Council Insurance.

Commemorative Gift for Platinum Jubilee. The Clerk reported on her research into mugs and other gifts to give for Jubilee celebrations. She has also spoken to Jonn Hicks as he had organised this for Golden Jubilee. Mugs were a favourite item when discussed at the Village Meeting. Previously, they were free to under 16s and approximately 300 were ordered. If we do so again then there will be an initial cost of £630.72 plus delivery. We would sell for £5 each but free to under 16s. She has also prepared a suggested order form which could be placed online and in the Village Newsletter. Due to time restrictions, she will need to order a commemorative gift quickly. Councillors were asked if the Parish Council wish mugs to be ordered or a different item as a commemorative gift? Councillors were in favour of ordering the mugs but requested the Clerk rework the figures for commemorative mugs with personalised Old Buckenham logo on the reverse side. Also would the Clerk investigate the possibility of engraved commemorative coins. It was agreed that Councillors were happy to order 300 (or any amount felt suitable) of the items. The Council needs to investigate sponsorship and access to additional Jubilee funding.

Churchyard. The Churchyard at All Saints will start to run out of space for burials in a few years, estimated at two to three years). The matter has been discussed with Sarah Dye and her comments have been emailed to all Councillors. The Parish Council has the power to provide a burial site and it would need a lot of management but would be a source of income for the Parish Council. The Parish Council does not have a duty to provide this, and if they do not follow this path, then burials would have to take place in neighbouring villages who still have space. There are sometimes courses from NALC about managing burial sites which Clerk/Councillors could attend. The key question is do the Parish Council wish to acquire land as a future burial site for the village? Councillors felt this is a very important decision and one that the parishioners should have their say on before a final decision is made. It was recommended that the item should be a key agenda item at the Annual Parish Meeting with a speaker putting forward all the pros and cons. In preparation for this the Parish Council should make neighbouring landowners aware of the situation and seek views on donations or purchase of land.

To aid the discussion the very helpful summary had been produced by Sarah Dye. There are essentially two considerations which go with the decision of All Saints PCC to close our churchyard for new burials. The first is that when a graveyard like ours is closed, it remains the responsibility of the PCC unless they give notice (under s 215 of the Local Government Act 1972) to transfer that responsibility to the Parish Council. The Parish Council are obliged to take it over - or refuse to do so, in which case responsibility passes up the chain to the District Council. That is not what All Saints PCC are proposing. For the time being, they intend to continue to take responsibility for maintaining the graveyard, even though, when space runs out, no new burials will be made there. The second issue is about providing burial space for the residents of Old Buckenham. When the All Saints graveyard is closed, All Saints PCC will no longer be able to provide burial spaces and do not wish to extend the existing graveyard in order to make more space available. With that in mind, the Parish Council may want to acquire land to provide a graveyard with burial spaces for the village. The Parish Council is a 'burial authority' and is permitted to provide and maintain graveyards/cemeteries. The point for the Parish Council to debate is do they want to acquire land for a new burial ground to be used when the All Saints graveyard is full?

Items for next agenda. These will include the Neighbourhood Plan, the Jubilee arrangements, the Annual Meeting, Community Car costs, cheques/online payments, insurance. Prince Harry’s Wood and fly tipping/litter.

The next Parish Council meeting to be held on Thursday 5 May at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall.