Tuesday, 31 July 2018

August activities in Old Buckenham

Diary dates for August

Wednesday 1    Chapel Friendship Group, Methodist Chapel, 2.30pm

Friday 3    Visits from Mobile Library during morning

Tuesday 7    Coffee and chat, Church Rooms, 10.30am onwards

Wednesday 8    Luncheon Club, Village Hall, 10am to 2pm

Thursday 9    Breckland Flower Club, Village Hall, 2pm

Thursday 9    Social and Wine Circle, at Old Buckenham Airfield, 7pm

Sunday 12    Windmill closed for maintenance

Wednesday 15    Songs of Praise, Methodist Chapel, 7.30pm

Wednesday 22    Luncheon Club coffee morning, Village Hall, 10.15am

Thursday 23    Women's Institute, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Saturday 25    Flower Festival, Methodist Chapel, 10am to 4pm

Saturday 25    Heritage Recovery Group, Old Hall Farm, 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 26    Flower Festival, Methodist Chapel, 1pm to 4pm

Monday 27    Flower Festival, Methodist Chapel, 10am to 4pm

Friday 31    Visits from Mobile Library during morning

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Old Buckenham Airshow 2018

What a difference a day makes
After nearly eight weeks of hot sunny weather it had to change sometime. The Friday evening before the Airshow there was lightning and downpours of rain as well as high winds. But the show must go on.

You can click on all these pictures to see them in more detail

Saturday 28 June
The weather dried up and the sun came out during the morning.
There was plenty to see and do
You could sit and enjoy the sunshine...
...even though it was a bit breezy
Man and model that flew together
There was singing and dancing too
The organisers thanked everyone for coming

Sunday 29 July
The day dawned rainy and windy but did get a little less wet by the afternoon.

The display schedule was not as expected
Some ladies could still laugh at the weather
Some planes did fly...
...including the pilot who remained on the ground
And the Yanks watched the visitors go home a little early
See you all again next year

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Old Buckenham reaches one thousand miles

All in a good cause
If you came past the Gamekeeper today and wondered what was going on then it was all explained in yesterday's post. It all started of at 11am and carried on until early evening. With the aim of completing 1000 miles on the static bikes, each of the main nine riders needed to do their 100 miles while 'volunteers' on the 'public bike' added their contributions.
You can click on the individual photos to see them at a larger scale and get an idea of the atmosphere with all those wheels spinning round and round...

Parish Council chairman on the 'public bike'

Tony, the pensive publican

Band of supporters

Nearly there

Joy at completing personal 100 miles

Reaching the target

A very welcome pint

No caption needed!

Friday, 27 July 2018

Cycling to nowhere in Old Buckenham

Get on that bike
Just a reminder that on Saturday The Gamekeeper pub is holding its 1000 mile challenge. Ten stationary cycles will be lined up outside with the riders each aiming to do 100 miles. Please come along and give them your support as their efforts will be raising money for charity. Also if you would like your youngster to learn how to set up their bike to be safe before a ride and some tips on maneuvering then come along at 9am as they will have an expert there to help.
The cycling will start at 11am and as the day approaches Tony, publican and challenge organiser, is realising that his training is nowhere complete. Let's hope the atmosphere on the day will carry him along. 

It promises to be a very hot day but thankfully Toucan Tool Hire have generously offered some industrial fans so it will feel like riding into a breeze. 
If you would like to come along and enjoy some breeze in this hot weather you can but it would be great if you can get get on the public bike and give them some miles...

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Encouraging signs on Old Buckenham car parking

Things are progressing
The August Old Buckenham newsletter will be available around the village over the next few days. (The Six Villages newsletter, often distributed at the same time, is not expected to be available until Tuesday 31 July so your copy may not come through your letter box before then).
Reports in the August edition of meetings early in July about car parking for parents with children at the various schools were rather negative so it was great to read this today on Facebook:

What a fantastic meeting was held between the Old Buckenham village hall committee, parish council and parents at Old Buckenham Primary school last night.
There was a real team spirit, everyone willing to contribute and help and bags of positivity regarding the car park used by parents at the school.
We are delighted to announce the parents will be taking on the administering of permits and monitoring the car park from September. Money from the permits will go towards maintaining the car park and buying exciting new things for the school - to be decided by the pupils.
Please if any parents attending the primary school could volunteer a small amount of their time to help us with this venture it would be much appreciated. The more help we can get the easier this will be. Every little helps and all that!

If you think you could help in any way, whether a parent of schoolchildren or not, then the person to contact is Amanda via tlstc@outlook.com

Digging around in Old Buckenham

What will they find?

The fundraising metal detectorists from Norfolk Heritage Recovery Group (NHRG) will be paying two return visits to Old Buckenham this year. Last year they ran a very successful dig on two fields at Old Hall Farm (courtesy of Tom Baron) and the entry fees from the NHRG members attending the dig enabled them to write a cheque for £500 towards the Raise the Roof fund. 
 The dig itself produced a surprising quantity of interesting artefacts and coins, including some late-issue Charles I shillings which may have been associated with military action by the Roundheads against the Royalist occupants of the nearby castle at New Buckenham. The finds have now been recorded on the PAS national archaeological finds database.
This year they return to Old Hall Farm on Saturday 25 August, and will be detecting on two different fields. Villagers are invited to come along and view the finds between 2pm and 5pm at the dig registration tent which will be set up at Old Hall Farm in Harlingwod Lane. Someone will be on hand to help with identification and interpretation of what’s been discovered. 

 Two weeks later they’ll be back, on Saturday 8 September, and this time will be setting up near the Hargham Road end of Fen Street on land kindly made available by Stephen Askew. Once again, villagers are invited to come along and view any finds recovered on the day which will be displayed in the dig registration tent.
NHRG wish to make known that their metal detecting digs are only open to NHRG members and that all archaeological finds are reported to the Finds Liaison Officer working for the Norfolk Historic Environment Record associated with Norwich Castle Museum. 

 If anyone would like any further information they are invited to contact Godfrey Pratt, the NHRG Chairman, who lives in Old Buckenham and can be contacted at godfrey.pratt@mail.com

Monday, 23 July 2018

Old Buckenham Methodist Church

Childhood memories
You are invited to the annual Flower Festival at the Methodist Chapel which this year has the theme of ‘Childhood memories’. As well as spectacular arrangements linked to personal memories, local life and children’s characters, books and shows there will also be quizzes, games and childhood memorabilia plus an opportunity for children to try their hand at creating their own flower arrangement. There will also be cakes and refreshments available, no entry fee and free parking available, donations welcome.
The opening times are: Saturday 25 August 10am to 4pm, Sunday 26 August 1pm to 4pm and Monday 27 August 10am to 4pm.
For more details please visit the website at http://oldbuckenhammethodist.yolasite.com/
You may also be interested in the 'reinvented' Ladies group - now called CFG (Chapel Friendship Group). It is going really well with ten ladies currently participating. The meetings are alternating between a speaker or other input and some sort of sharing activity. On Wednesday 1 August people are bringing a childhood photo and on Wednesday 29 September a lady is coming to speak about 'pearls' (practical activity included). All ladies welcome at 2.30pm on these occasions. There is no meeting at the end of August because of the Flower Festival.
There will be no service at Old Buckenham on Sunday 5 August as the congregation are joining with Attleborough Methodist Church for their service in Attleborough. 
Songs of Praise is on Wednesday 15 August at 7.30pm with light refreshments after as usual.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Latest Old Buckenham Parish Council minutes

Plenty of discussion
These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes so may contain information that it is amended at a later date.
Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 5 July. Those present were councillors Phil Little (chairman), Ben Devlin, Gemma Frost, Jon Hicks, Adrian Joel, Andy Nichols and Steve Milner along with Andy Emms (parish clerk) and nine members of the public.
Minutes of June meeting.These were approved subject to amending minute 18/033(c) to include: “A further meeting between the Village Hall Management Committee representatives and parish councillors had been arranged and it was agreed that the parish council would be represented by the chairman, vice-chairman and councillors Joel and Milner”.
Matters arising from the minutes. The bank had been contacted regarding changing the bank mandate and had sent forms to be completed by the new signatories. The minute confirming the approval in principle to the OB2000 Trust holding a firework display on the recreation area, subject to more details being received, had been circulated by the chairman.
Public participation (agenda items only). A parishioner said that she understood that schools do not have to provide parking but there were four schools in close proximity in the village which caused parking problems and it was important to find a solution to this. Parents had been disappointed that unsightly mounds of earth had been placed on the Green which they considered an aggressive action against them. She queried if anyone had approached the Gamekeeper PH to see if the landlord would be willing to allow parking when parents dropped off/collected children from school. She also expressed surprise that she had seen on Facebook that consideration was being given to turning more of the Green into parking spaces. The chairman cautioned against misinterpreting social media posts as no such proposal was being considered by the parish council at that time.
A parishioner said she understood that the Village Hall Management Committee was intending to stop running its parking permit scheme and close its car park to parents. Several councillors expressed concern about such a possibility and Jon Hicks, the council’s representative on the Village Hall Management Committee, confirmed that was his understanding.
A parishioner said a sign had been placed on a tree on the pathway along the Green in front of the high school which suggested this was a private access. However, the council should look into this as the pathway had been provided as an access to school.
A parishioner said he had been privileged to see in advance the plans for the pelican crossing and expressed his concern that its position would be dangerous. He added that he believed parish council agendas were too long and suggested they be made shorter concentrating on prime objectives; reporting outstanding items and highlighting what has been achieved.
A parishioner considered that the Village Green Management Committee should be more open and suggested that its minutes be published, preferably within seven days.
A parishioner said that great crested newts had recently been discovered during works to the wall at West View Farm and suggested the impact of this be considered at the next meeting.
A parishioner questioned whether the council had a copy of the lease agreement between the parish council and the Green Right Proprietors. Also, was there a formal agreement between the parish council and the Ox and Plough PH for the use of the Green? The chairman confirmed that he had a copy of the lease agreement. The issue of the use of the Green by the Ox and Plough would be dealt with under the later item on the agenda.
Councillor vacancies. The chairman reported that Paul Phillips had expressed an interest in being co-opted again but had been unable to attend this meeting. Paul had earlier resigned as councillor due to work commitments but that contract had finished and he would be available for co-option again at the next meeting.
Financial matters. The current account balance was £41932.94 with £2874.63 in the Premium account. Income received included £500 from the village Green Right Proprietors, a Greggs Foundation grant of £2000 and £25 rent for allotment plot 6.
New planning applications. Alice Cottage, Ragmere Road. Proposed detached cart lodge and alterations to existing dwelling. (3/PL/2018/0624/HOU). Resolved, with five voting in favour and two abstentions, to support the application.
Hunters House (off Banham Road). Proposed detached cart lodge and alterations to existing dwelling (3/PL/2018/0414/HOU). Resolved, with six voting in favour and one abstention, to support the application.
Land south of March Field Way (off St Andrews Close). Residential development of 12 dwellings and associated ground works. 3/PL/2018/0791/F). Resolved, with six voting in favour and one abstention, to support the application.
Planning decisions by Breckland District Council. Old Hall Farm Cottage, Cake Street. Existing porch to be extended to the left (3/PL/2018/0452/HOU). Approved.
Buckenham Priory, Abbey Road. Conversion of existing barn to one bed annexe (3/PL/2018/0103/F). Approved.
Chairman’s report. The chairman said he had attended the last meeting of the Village Green Management Committee (VGMC) and was impressed by all the work being undertaken. The VGMC had agreed in principle to the proposed pelican crossing on the B1077 and the use of parts of the Green for associated pathways. He also said the VGMC had lobbied EDF to get trees affecting power lines at Ottomer Pond cut back. EDF had been asked to cut down trees identified by Breckland Council’s Tree Officer as being in need of such action. It was hoped EDF would remove as much as possible from the site but there could be need of expenditure to undertake clearance of anything left behind and it was resolved to approve expenditure up to £500 using the Greggs Foundation grant to undertake any clearance work necessary. The chairman added that at the VGMC meeting the suggestion of having a ‘works order’ form was discussed. The idea would be to enable works that met laid down criteria to be undertaken quickly on submission of such a document to say the chairman, vice-chairman and one other councillor. If they agree the works can be undertaken and the payment reported retrospectively to the following parish council meeting.
A parishioner had queried whether the parish council was arranging anything for Norfolk Day on 27 July 2018, a Radio Norfolk and EDP initiative. As that was the first he had ever heard of Norfolk Day and no one had suggested earlier that an associated event be considered, there was nothing the council could do in such a short timescale. This did however link into other thoughts he’d had about a central village event. Many things were organised in the village by specific organisations such as the village fete. However, there was a lack of a major central event that the whole village could get behind and participate in and asked parish councillors to give this some thought.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel said that the plans for the Attleborough Strategic Urban Extension (SUE) would be published later in the week and this would show if the latest plan included land at Bunns Bank in the parish of Old Buckenham. He suggested that if it did, a public meeting should be called to consider the village’s response. He had spoken to a Breckland Planning Officer who would be willing to attend such a meeting if necessary. Also Breckland District Council would be promoting voter registration to encourage everyone, particularly the under represented 18 to 25 year olds, to register to vote.
Village Green Management Committee. Sarah Dye referred to the earlier comment by a parishioner regarding parking on the Green. She said that through Facebook the Village Green Management Committee was simply asking for views on alternatives for dealing with some of the issues faced in the village and had no firm plans to make such a proposal to the parish council. Parish councillors again commented on the care needed when considering whether social media was a suitable platform for a matter to be raised when it could easily be taken out of context and misinterpreted.
Following the successful such event held earlier in the year, another litter pick had been arranged for the following weekend on Saturday 7 July.
Adrian Joel referred to the offer of the daughter of Bill Cheesley to give £100 in his memory towards the refurbishment of the circular bench around the tree at the junction of Abbey Road and the B1077. Andy Nicholls said he was waiting for a specification to provide to the village handyman and once received the work could be undertaken. The parish clerk suggested that the council identify a maximum amount it was willing to commit to this work and it was agreed to commit up to £400 to refurbish the bench.
Road safety. Steve Milner said he had attended a recent Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting. Parking near schools was discussed and it was clear this was a major problem in many towns and villages with many experiencing even more problems than in Old Buckenham. The major issue the police were trying to address in the local area was speeding cars and Old Buckenham was one of the sites they would be concentrating on. He said that Speedwatch checks showed that 10% of vehicles through the village were doing more than 36mph. He was concerned at the abuse that was often given to volunteers and said that every such incidence was reported to the police. He was concerned at the danger posed by the blind junction between Mill Road and Grove Road where there was a serious accident recently and he suggested this be raised with Norfolk Highways. Steve Milner was asked to provide information to the parish clerk to enable him to write to Norfolk Highways expressing the council’s concern at this dangerous blind junction.
Play Area. Jon Hicks said that the grass had been cut and he intended to carry out maintenance and painting which would require the play area to be closed during the second weekend in August. He had asked for this to be reported in the village newsletter and the parish clerk was asked to request the schools to inform parents. Jon Hicks said that an independent safety inspection needed to be carried out on the play area and the parish clerk would arrange an independent safety inspection of the play area either with RoSPA or Playdale.
Recreation Area. Adrian Joel said that the grass had been cut again in advance of the village fete and the chairman said that the fete organisers had confirmed they would organise a clear up after the event. Jon Hicks said that school pupils were still interested in helping with facilities but progress on this had been held up by the academisation process.
Proposal for signalled crossing on the B1077. The chairman said that County Councillor Stephen Askew had attended the last meeting and outlined the options for a crossing of the B1077 that had been identified by Norfolk County Council highways officers. Norfolk County Council needed a steer from the parish council to move the proposal forward and the parish council had agreed in principle that a signalled crossing was the best option. It had been placed on the agenda for this meeting to give parishioners the chance to express any views and to seek agreement from the Green Right Proprietors that they would not object to part of the Green being used for a crossing. That approval had been received from the Green Right Proprietors. Earlier in the meeting a parishioner had thought the proposed positioning dangerous and Steve Milner read out a comment received via the website which said that the proposal represented excessive urbanisation of our rural village and suggesting traffic calming measures would be a more appropriate and environmentally sound solution to address safety of pedestrians. Steve Milner said that the positioning of feeder footpaths would be key in the success of the scheme.
It was acknowledged that the detailed plans of each option had not been publicly accessible so it was difficult to comment on the detail. However, the four options had been identified at the last meeting and the parish council’s preferred option had been publicised. Councillors commented that it had take a long time to get to this stage. Many people had put a lot of effort into responding to the views expressed to councillors over recent years that a safe crossing over the B1077 was needed. Councillors said that with only two parishioners expressing any concern over the proposal, the council’s support for this safe crossing should be given and the council resolved, unanimously, to inform Norfolk County Council that the parish council supported the option of a signalled crossing over the B1077.
(Ben Devlin left the meeting at this point)
School parking.The chairman said that this was raised as an item following comments received from a member of the public via the website. With four schools in close proximity ways needed to be found to alleviate the problem of parking. SteveMilner said he had been asked to collect relevant data and had found that space was often available in the mornings as parents mainly dropped children off and then left. The main problems were in the afternoon when they parked early and waited for the children to leave school. In the afternoons all areas were usually full (in front of the church/Ox and Plough, Abbey Road, the village hall car park and the access road from Abbey Road to the village hall). A parishioner reiterated her views expressed earlier in the meeting that the Gamekeeper should be approached about permission to park there. Parents should be encouraged to use the area near the church/Ox and Plough as much as possible but noted that it was legal to park on the highway. Jon Hicks said that the representatives of the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) who monitored the car park had often been abused and there was reports of parents being abused by the monitors. The VHMC had met the primary school to propose that the car park be managed by the school under licence for a year. Although the VHMC was waiting to hear back, he understood that those responsible for health and safety at Wymondham College had said no to this. The VHMC was waiting to hear back from the school and he suggested that parents should lobby the school and its governors to encourage it to take on responsibility for the permit parking scheme. If no positive response is received the VHMC could consider closing the car park. Several councillors expressed concern at this possibility. It was pointed out that the village hall had received funding from Norfolk County Council towards the refurbishment of the car park, the parish council had given a loan and parents had paid for permits. It would also create bad feeling between organisations and could affect community spirit. Steve Milner said that the car park must continue to be managed as it had improved the situation and without it the increased problems would return. The parish council could take on the permit scheme and its monitoring and he would be willing to help. The parish clerk suggested the parish council should not consider taking this on without clearly identifying robust capacity to do so. Andy Nicholls said that grid parking had been provided in the high school but was often not used. He added that a ‘stop and drop’ scheme would help if marshalled correctly. A parishioner said that such a scheme was already operated by the high school. It was pointed out that this worked well in the mornings but not with the different issues faced in the afternoons. A parishioner suggested that the high school teachers and visitors parked on Abbey Road taking up valuable space and the school should be approached about this. Gemma Frost said the school had been spoken to about this in the past but its view was that it was not doing anything illegal. A parishioner said that a scheme had been drawn up in the past for the possible use of the recreation area as a car park. This was a village asset underutilised by young people. She said if more land was identified for housing to meet the required targets, ie on the Attleborough Road, they pay off from developers could contribute to the cost. It was pointed out that the recreation area was gifted for charitable purposes and this could restrict other use. A parishioner expressed concern that the issue was divisive with all parties receiving criticism. The chairman agreed and said that a meeting between all parties should be called so that all could work together to alleviate the issue. It was agreed to get the parish clerk to ask the landlord of the Gamekeeper Public House if he would be willing to allow parents to park at the pub whilst dropping off and collecting pupils from school and the village hall and the schools, including parents representatives, if they would be willing to attend a meeting with the parish council to discuss working together to address the problem of school parking.
Parish Partnership bids. The parish clerk said that bids could be made for funding for highways schemes including small lengths of footway, improvements to public rights of way, flashing signs to tackle speeding, etc. However it should be noted that the grant would be a maximum of 50% of the scheme with the remaining funds needing to come from the parish council budget. Councillors were asked to consider whether to make a bid and to present any proposals to the next meeting.
Guidelines for use of Green for events. The chairman said that he had spoken to Green Right Proprietor representatives and no formal written agreement had been made between them and the Ox and Plough regarding the use of the Green. The informal agreement was that the area usually used for Two Wheel Tuesday could be used for other events. The parish council had continued with this agreement but had increased the fee for this to £500 for use towards maintenance of the Green. This would need to continue in place for this financial year but he was keen to draw up a more formal agreement in future. He had asked the Village Green Management Committee, which was the body responsible for authorising events on the Green, to draw up such an agreement for consideration by the parish council at a future meeting. He added that the wider issue was that the Green could of course be used, with permission, by any organisation. Guidelines would also be drawn up for use of the Green by other organisations to enable a speedy authorisation if the required criteria of the guidelines were met.
Agenda items for next meeting. Items identified were Parish Partnership bids, discovery of great crested newts, school parking, works orders, celebration of the end of the Great War, precept grants and communications/use of social media.

There is no parish council meeting in August.The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Thursday 6 September commencing at 7.30pm at the village hall.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wedding flowers in Old Buckenham

Breckland Flower and Garden Club

On Thursday 12 July Breckland Flower and Garden Club (BFGC) members flocked to Old Buckenham Village Hall for their monthly meeting. Chairman, Joy Tunmore, introduced Tim Green as the speaker with his demonstration titled “Wedding Belles. It was Tim’s first visit to the Club. He now lives in Downham Market after moving from London to enjoy a slower pace of life. Even so he worked at a remarkable pace while talking about his love, at an early age, of flower arranging and in his early twenties owning his first florists business in London. Tim created six beautiful arrangements using lilies, roses, gerberas, stocks, etc in colours and designs associated with weddings, both vintage and modern. When the raffle was drawn, six members were delighted to be taking one of the arrangements home with them.

The afternoon concluded with refreshments, the chairman’s charity raffle and a chance to make final purchases from the sales table. The competition this month was “Something old, something new, something borrowed and blue!” There were five entries and the winners were Advanced, Pat Barton, and New Hands, Glynis Allin. The table show was “First rose of the summer”. The five beautiful roses displayed were all declared winners.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 9 August with “our own girls” doing a demonstration “Summer time and the living is easy”. Visitors are always welcome for a small charge of £6. For further information please contact Christine Hewson on 01953 45428 or Sally Westrop on 01953 788712.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Old Buckenham Women’s Institute

Who do you think you are?
At the June meeting of Old Buckenham WI the speaker was Liz Keable, a Personal Success mentor and trainer. Her subject was 'You Are What You Think.' A biologist with a special interest in the brain and often known as the 'Brain Lady', Liz always pursued brain-friendly ways of teaching. People have different ways of learning and members filled in a questionnaire to discover whether they used visual, auditory or kinesthetic means.
Babies are born with few and unconnected brain cells but by the time they are a year old these have increased and formed a neural network achieved by learning, using mostly smell and taste. Before the age of seven children learn differently, soaking up information which they put into practice from then on. The five senses are the only way of learning and decisions are made starting with thinking then feelings and actions leading to results. So if you want to change something in your life it must start with thinking.
Our local delegate at the WI's Annual Meeting in Cardiff, Pauline Chamberlain from Attleborough WI, gave a report on that meeting. The resolution on Mental Health Matters gained a majority of 98% in favour. The speakers at the meeting were Huw Edwards, the newsreader and Stella Rimington, formerly of MI5 and now a novelist. It is said that Judy Dench's M in the Bond films was based on her.
Arrangements were made for the Old Buckenham village fete, a Progressive Supper and planned theatre outings to both Guys and Dolls and Calendar Girls the Musical were discussed.
On Thursday 26 July the speaker at the meeting will be Jon Read who will be talking about stainless steel tableware. At the following meeting  on Thursday 23 August Old Buckenham WI will welcome their friends from New Costessey WI and the speaker is Sue Sursham on the Trans Siberian Railway.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

A day at Old Buckenham village fete

Fundraising can be fun
The weather has been so predictable lately that you knew it would be a hot dry day. Stall holders were busy setting up during the morning, visitors started arriving after midday and continued over the next few hours. Games of chance were played, prizes were won, goods were bought, competitions were entered, tea was drunk, burgers, cakes and ice cream were eaten, children were entertained. 
Here is a photo diary of some of the activities.

Awaiting the first customers

Final arranging of the tombola prizes

All set up and ready to go

Stevie Spud begins his entertainment

Scouts get the burgers started on the barbecue

Karin, headteacher at Chapel Green School, does the formal opening

You could buy an ice cream from this man

Phin and his family have fun

Stevie Spud advises on stilt walking

The rector updates his juggling skills

Lorries of all sizes have come along

Soon it's time to pack things away

Hopefully less things go home than were brought along earlier

Final clearing up of entertainer's equipment

All that's left soon after 4pm in front of the Village Hall

Friday, 13 July 2018

Don't miss Old Buckenham Fete

Stalls, food, entertainment and a dog show
The weather is going to be great so come along and enjoy yourselves. All the details are on the poster.
(click on the image to enlarge it)

Clearing around Old Buckenham pond

Cutting back
In case you wondered what has been going on today around Ottomer Pond on the Green, the explanation is that UK Power Networks have been clearing trees that have grown too close to the electric power cables that pass over the pond.
They expect to be there again next Friday and maybe the one after that.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Jane Austen talk in Old Buckenham

Love of literature
You are invited to attend a talk being delivered by Rev Jacqui Horton at Old Buckenham Methodist Church on Monday 9 July starting at 7pm.
Jacqui was posted to a parish in Hampshire some years ago which included the house where Jane Austen lived. Ever since then she has had a fascination on her life, works and the places she has lived. She has visited a range of properties and researched much about her life and has now created a presentation on her findings. The evening will also include a piano performance of the music that Jane used to play herself.
The event is free and will include refreshments. Please feel free to bring someone else with you and to open this invitation to anyone who may be interested in history or literature.

That busy day in Old Buckenham

Loads to do
The blog editor was out and about in the hot sun for quite a lot yesterday. And he managed to miss all the football hysteria.
First of all there was a session of litter picking on the Green. Thanks to the work done a couple of months ago, there was not so much to pick up this time.

Then it was off to the Chapel Green School fete, the first to be held on their new site in the village. There were stalls and other activities to help you spend your money as well as the opportunity to go on a tour around the school to see all the facilities. The outside areas, now nearing completion, are most impressive and it was surprising that more Old Buckenham residents didn't take the opportunity to see them at close quarters.

After a quick diversion to New Buckenham (it was their village show) it was back to Old Buckenham for the evening Garden Party at the home of Barbara and John Frost. This is an annual event to raise funds for All Saints church, this year with an emphasis on the 'Raise the Roof' fund-raising. There was glorious sunshine, wine, an over-active tombola and a huge raffle as well as all the tempting food so everyone had a great evening.

The blog editor had a film to go and see in New Buckenham so he left while events were in full swing. No doubt it went on well into the evening, succeeding in its purpose of raising money for All Saints and its roof.