Thursday, 30 August 2012

What's on in Old Buckenham

Diary dates for September

Saturday 1 Village Fete, Village Hall, 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 2 Wargames club, Village Hall, 2.30pm to 6pm

Monday 3 Monday Mardle, Church Rooms, 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Monday 3 Old Buckenham 2000 Trust AGM, Church Rooms, 7.30pm

Tuesday 4 Coffee and chat, Church Rooms, 10.30am to 12 noon

Wednesday 5 Luncheon Club, Village Hall, 10am to 2pm

Wednesday 5 Women's Fellowship, Methodist Chapel, 2.30pm

Thursday 6 Parish Council, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Sunday 9 Harvest festival service, Methodist Chapel, 10.45am

Sunday 9 Produce Show, Village Hall, 2.30pm

Sunday 9 Askew Agricultural Museum, Scales Farm, 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 9 Windmill open, 2pm to 5pm

Monday 10 Whist drive, Church Rooms, 2pm

Thursday 13 Breckland Flower Club, Village Hall, 2pm

Thursday 13 Social and Wine Circle, Church Rooms, 7.45pm

Sunday 16 French Fly-in at Old Buckenham Airfield

Monday 17 Monday Mardle, Church Rooms, 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Tuesday 18 Follow up meeting on Village Fete, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Wednesday 19 Luncheon Club outing

Wednesday 19 Songs of Praise, Methodist Chapel, 7.30pm

Thursday 20 WI group meeting, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Friday 21 "Who killed the vicar?", OB Players, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Thursday 27 Women's Institute, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Sunday 30 Treasure hunt, starts from the Windmill at 2pm

Monday, 27 August 2012

September village newsletter

More to read

You can learn about the village fete, Norfolk Island, 'Who killed the vicar?" and even the National Planning Policy Framework - it's all in the September village newsletter now available at selected locations throughout Old Buckenham.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Old Buckenham Women's Institute


When does a hobby become an obsession? It might be when one has to convert a caravan in the back garden to store and display thousands of shells. The speaker at the Old Buckenham WI August meeting, Daphne Howlett and her husband Derek, have spent 40 years amassing a prize collection of shells. From small beginnings on a Norfolk beach for a school project to a world-wide collection of land, sea and freshwater shells. Between them the Howletts have acquired a vast knowledge of the life cycles of shell creatures and watched the decline in the variety of Norfolk sea-shells, possibly because of climate change and pollution.
Unable to fund extensive world-wide travel to gather more exotic shells, the Howletts advertised for exchange pals and have swopped shells with fellow conchologists on every continent.
Daphne brought to the meeting in Old Buckenham village hall some exquisite examples of shells from large conches and clams to the tiniest shells best seen with a magnifying glass. To present a shell well, it must first be scrubbed with bleach and then have baby oil rubbed into it to make it glow. Like plants, shells are known by their Latin names and Daphne could name every one on display. Shells have been used in a variety of ways, from jewellery to currency, from musical instruments to ornaments.
Beachcombing will never be the same for the WI members.
After a lull in WI activities in August, members were reminded that September would be a busy month. The WI cake stall at the Village Fete, the Produce and Handicraft Show the week after, and two WI meetings.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Prance the night away

Barn dance returns to Old Buckenham
One of the highlights of the village Diamond Jubilee celebrations was the barn dance held in the hangar at Old Buckenham Airfield.
So it has been decided to hold another one on Saturday 13 October, same venue and same great band.
Tickets will be £5, children under 12 go free and any funds raised will go to the Old Buckenham 2000 Trust. A full bar and barbecue will be available all evening. Book the date now, more details later.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Raising money for the Air Ambulance

Open all weekend

There is a big garage sale open in Od Buckenham all this weekend from 8am to 4pm each day. It has been 'trading' for three hours already so some of the bargains will have gone. But if you want a set of chairs, a microwave, glass ornaments, some 'new' clothes or one of those tapes you danced to many years ago you may still be lucky. There are homemade cakes too.
It is being held to raise funds for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and is at 'Karmel', a house beside Old Buckenham Green on the B1077. For the satnav users the postcode is NR17 1RR.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Old Buckenham Produce Show

Just over three weeks to Show

A copy of the schedule can be seen on the post for 17 May this year

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Breckland Flower and Garden Club

Celebrating with flowers

Brenda Tubb came to theAugust meeting and demonstrated her version of 'Celebrations'. These included Andy Murray's gold medal win at the Olympics - soft lilac roses and white carnations, the Queen's Jubilee - which included all white flowers with a bit of sparkle, the Norfolk Show (where she and Ann Norris won best in show), - a leafy handbag!, a 'hand-tied' gift for an anniversary and a beautiful vibrant red-flowered interpretation of the Olympic cauldron. Many thanks Brenda for a lovely afternoon.
Janet Skidmore won the Old Hands class with her version of 'Flying the Flag' and the table show for three stems of hot colour from the border was won by Christine Hewson.
The next meeting will take place at Old Buckenham Village Hall on Thursday 13 September when Jacquie Aldous will demonstrate 'That's Entertainment'. The competition will be 'My Favourite Film' with a title card and the Joan Fisher Trophy will be awarded for the best use of colour. The table show is for 'Harvest' - any flower, fruit or vegetable from your garden.
Visitors are always welcome. Further details from Sally on 788712.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Old Buckenham July meeting

Another far away Norfolk
At their July meeting, Old Buckenham WI were joined by twenty members of New Costessey WI. The link between these two WIs has been maintained since 1983 when some Old Buckenham members met up with Costessey members on a WI holiday and it is always good to meet up with them on an annual basis to catch up on news and activities during the year.
The speaker for the evening was June Marriage from Norwich. She was joined by her husband who showed excellent slides of Norfolk Island, a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean, east of the Australian mainland and which is now part of the Australian Commonwealth Territory. June and her husband became interested in (and subsequently visited) this island as a result of a get together in Norwich about fifteen years ago with people representing all the Norwich and Norfolk place names in the world.
Norfolk Island was first settled by East Polynesian seafarers in the 14th/15th century and they survived for several generations before disappearing. The first European known to have sighted the Island was Captain James Cook in 1774 on his second voyage to the South Pacific on HMS Resolution. He named it after the Duchess of Norfolk, wife of Edward Howard, the 9th Duke of Norfolk. It was subsequently colonised by Britain to serve as a penal settlement until 1794. The next settlement began in 1856 when descendants of Tahitians and the HMS Bounty mutineers arrived, along with Fletcher Christian. They had resettled from the Pitcairn Islands, which had become too small for their growing population.
The Pitcairners occupied many of the buildings remaining from the penal settlement and gradually established traditional farming and whaling industries on the Island. The population in 2011 was 2,300. Most islanders are of either European-only (mostly British)
or combined European-Tahitian ancestry, being descendants of the Bounty mutineers, as well as there being more recent arrivals from Australia and New Zealand. About half of the islanders can trace their roots back to Pitcairn Island.
Old Buckenham WI will have a busy time in September – the village fete on Saturday 1 September (which will include a dog show organised by one of the OB members) followed by the Annual Produce Show on Sunday 9 September. Members are also looking forward to the next group meeting on Thursday 20 September when the speaker will be David Whiteley from BBC Look East. The subject of his talk will be “It shouldn’t happen to a TV presenter”.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bible from Old Bucknham almshouses

Provided by Robert Cocks in 1861
When the almshouses in Old Buckenham were first occupied in 1861, each house was provided with a bible and Robert Cocks, the founder, wrote inside them in his own hand. They were quite big and heavy bibles (more than 10 inches by 7 inches by 2 inches, weighing around 6lb) and probably meant for home study rather than taking to church. 
These photos are of the bible for almshouse number 8.

Monday, 6 August 2012

More on local cricket

Cricket pavilions in Old Buckenham

A bit more potential information about pavilions and cricket grounds has come to light (see item on Old Buckenham cricket posted on 7 September). It has been suggested that cricket was once played on the first field on the right as you go into Old Buckenham Stud and that the thatched building on the edge of the field was a cricket pavilion.
Can anyone confirm this ?
You can leave details by clicking on 'comments' below or reply by email to

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dog Show at Old Buckenham

Details of classes
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