Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Play to see in Old Buckenham

 Performance in Village Hall

Monday, 27 September 2021

Walking around Old Buckenham

 Walking 1000 years – and 15,000 steps

The planned ‘Heritage Wellbeing walk’ on Saturday 25 September saw 29 locals (and several dogs) striding out from All Saints Church to find out more about the history of the nearby church, castles and priory while sharing conversations along the way.  Beautiful weather added to the enjoyment (it was even a little too warm at times) as did a delightful lunch at St Martin’s church in New Buckenham.  A few pictures of the journey…

Starting from All Saints

Learning about the Priory

Lunch at St Martins, New Buckenham

The Castle...

...both from inside looking out...

...and outside

Back where it all started

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Old Buckenham Show winners

Produce Show results

It was almost like old times with the Village Produce and Handicraft Show taking place in the Village Hall on Sunday 12 September. The organisers, Old Buckenham Women’s Institute, were delighted to have even more people putting in entries than at the last show two years ago. The judges were hard at work soon after 11am, only to be interrupted by Julie Reinger from Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest looking for a clue attached to the longest runner bean.

County councillor Steve Askew attended in the afternoon to present the cups and trophies. The winners were Jane Burrows for Preserves, Kate Binks for Cookery, Debbie Thomas for eggs, Betty Stacey for Handicrafts and Ron Brewer for Art. In the children’s classes Eddie Wright had most points for those under 11 and James Hills won for those between 8 and eleven.The prize for ‘best in show’ in the Children’s classes went to Millie Brister.

John Frost won the sections for Flowers, for Pot Plants and for Vegetables and Fruit meaning that he gained most points overall and was presented with several trophies. And it was his birthday too!

If you would like to take part in 2022, the date to put in your new diary should be Sunday 10 September.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Old Buckenham Parish Council minutes

 Parish Council September meeting

These notes have been written by the newsletter editor from the draft minutes so may contain information that is amended at a later date.

Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 2 September in the Village Hall. Those present were councillors Steve Milner (Chair), Adrian Joel, Terry Cook, Naomi Bailey, Andy Nicholls, Ben Devlin (BD) and Doug Irons (after first item) as well as Rachel Noyes (Clerk), County Councillor Steve Askew and six members of the public. Mike Farrington had sent his apologies.

Doug Irons was co-opted on to the Parish Council, this was approved (6 in favour). Mike Farrington had been consulted prior to the meeting by the chairman and confirmed he was happy to be nominated for the post of Vice-chair. This was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain).

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1 July were approved (5 in favour, 2 abstain).

Matters arising from minutes. Working Parties will be discussed and re-organised next month. Terry Cook proposed forming an Overview and Scrutiny group to look at Working Parties and the Agenda in advance, in to free up time in the meeting. After discussion it was agreed that this could be mainly undertaken via email communication with occasional face-to-face meeting when required. Andy Nicholls volunteered to lead scrutiny of planning applications via email communication to provide summary to the Parish Council at monthly meetings. Clerk to update the Welcome Pack and provide copy for next meeting.

A landowner has written to the Parish Council to object to Ragg’s Lane track becoming a Public Right of Way. Terry Cook has managed to find the correct information about the process after numerous enquiries with various departments at County Hall. He will draft a response to the landowner to explain that Parish Council were simply responding to a parishioner’s request for information on the process of application but had no intention of submitting a request themselves. A formal response will also be provided for the parishioner who made the initial enquiry now that the Parish Council is in receipt of the full regulations.

NCC has been working outside the High School and a path installed with dropped kerbs at each end to allow a safer crossing point of Abbey Road. Flashing 20mph ‘wig-wag’ signs are still to be installed and the schools to be contacted to help publicise and encourage its use.

To record declarations of interests. Ben Devlin stated a conflict of interest on Planning Application 3PL/2021/1024/F.

Financial matters. Community account balance at the end of August was £28,227.98. Cheques for approval included £2,355 for the installation of the tractor in the Play Area. A total payment of £3,642.89 was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain).

In September the Community account balance was £24,525.74 including £500 received from the Ox & Plough for rent of their use of the Green. Total payments of £743.95 were approved

Planning applications. To consider planning applications and to receive Breckland District Council’s decisions made on any planning applications received before the meeting. (All planning applications are available for viewing on the Breckland District Council planning portal – - Parish Councillors have been asked by the chairman to view the new applications in advance of the meeting).

New planning applications. Old Buckenham Country Park, Doe Lane. Erection of Rural workers dwelling including sustainable technologies (3PL/2021/1024/F). Ben Devlin explained that this would be for himself as a worker of the business. The aim is to make the house as eco-friendly as possible using lots of green technologies. Tree survey and land contamination surveys will be added in time. Doug Irons highlighted that some of the data figures in the Energy Statement may be incorrect. Overall councillors felt it was a striking design with lots of features that could make it very eco-friendly. (Ben Devlin left the room during voting) Proposal to support was approved (4 in favour, 1 abstain, 1 against).

Church Farmhouse, The Green. Proposed Single storey, Kitchen, Wetroom and Utilty Room extensions (3PL/2021/1089/HOU). No objections. Propose to support (6 in favour, 1 abstain)

Rosedale, Fen Street. Demolish existing industrial/storage unit and erection of one two-storey house (3PL/2021/1070/F). Previously supported change of use application. New application for demolishing storage unit. Proposal to support was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain).

Caldcleugh, Cake Street. New Access to the Highway and Garage/Outbuilding (3PL/2021/1216/HOU). Will improve visual splay compared to existing entrance. Proposal to support was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain)

Planning decisions by Breckland Council. The following applications have now been considered and the applications have been approved.

Land at Chalk Lane, Snetterton. The construction of an agricultural feed mill (Use Class B2) with ancillary offices and welfare facilities, creation of a new vehicular access and associated infrastructure including silos; engineering; landscaping; and ground works - this is an Environmental Impact Assessment Development (3PL/2020/0780/F).

Albemarle House, The Green. Ground floor extension to rear/side of property and roof top extension partially within retained roof space to create an additional second floor of accommodation (3PL/2021/0823/HOU).

Oak Lodge, 2 Fen Street. Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension (3PL/2021/0709/HOU).

The Gamekeeper Public House, The Green. Proposed single storey link extension to rear of property with entrance porch canopy and insertion of dormer window to form fire escape at second floor level to rear roof elevation (3PL/2021/0759/F and 3PL/2021/0760/LB).

Scales Farm. Change of use from agricultural building to office use. (3PL/2021/0742/F).

The following applications have now been considered and the applications have been refused

Land adj Beckwood, Stacksford, Erection of Dwelling and Garage (3PL/2020/1464/F).

Snetterton Farm, Banham Road. Erection of bungalow and garage including. workshop/store (3PL/2021/0781/F).

The following application has been appealed by the applicant. Abbey Road, Old Buckenham. Erection of a 24.6m high radar tower and associated comms cabin (3PL/2021/0091/F).

Use of the Green. The Parish Council has realised that the agreement between the Ox and Plough for use of the Green lacks any written details regarding terms of use. A document has been drafted and signed to allow continued use of the Green until the end of the year while a detailed formal agreement is drafted. The Ox and Plough landlord stated measures he has in place currently and was happy to work with the Parish Council on developing terms of an agreement. Councillors highlighted the need for the agreement to be legally secure and must represent the residents of the whole village and include items such as road safety and maintenance of the Green. Steve Milner, Terry Cook and Doug Irons to draft a full written agreement. The Clerk is to double check the Parish Council insurance for events on the Green and seek legal advice.

Neighbourhood Plan. New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan is out for consultation. Councillors felt it was a very comprehensive and detailed document. It was well presented and read very easily. The Old Buckenham Parish Council agreed that the Castle would be part of New Buckenham’s Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk to submit comments to consultation.

The Parish Council felt Old Buckenham could use the experience and contacts of New Buckenham’s Neighbourhood Plan to progress our own. This would include using external paid consultancy as well as the Parish Council and Parishioners working together. This would have to be discussed at a full Parish Council meeting. Will be addressed further when Working Parties are discussed and work assigned to Councillors.

Joint Village Hall and Parish Council meeting. Steve Milner, Naomi Bailey and Adrian Joel will attend a meeting on Monday 4 October. Terry Cook offered apologies as he is unable to attend.

Paper for Village Newsletter. The newsletter requires a further supply of paper to continue publishing into 2022. The Parish Council have purchased paper previously. The Clerk will liaise with Donna Oakley and the newsletter editor to find best deal and arrange purchase. This was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain).

Handrail for bench ramp. A request has been made to Parish Council for installation of a handrail next to the memorial bench outside the Almshouses. Two quotes have been provided. One for £187 for construction in galvanised steel and another for £124 for treated timber. A proposal to accept stainless steel quote to ensure less maintenance costs in future was approved (6 in favour, 1 abstain).

Recreation Ground fencing. The fencing is in a poor state. Steve Milner is to inspect and arrange removal of damaged or dangerous parts. Side adjacent to Chapel Green School does not need replacing. Norfolk County Council are currently giving away free trees and hedging but scheme finishes soon. The Clerk is to enquire further.

Chairman’s report. Three applications at the Planning Committee and the Chairman to attend meeting.

Clerk’s report. Drainage works have begun on Church Lane. Some equipment will be stored on the Green near the playground.

NALC Wellbeing is arranging delivery of a Memorial Token to every parish to remember the community spirit during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Clerk has registered Old Buckenham Parish Council details and once informed of exact dates they will invite those volunteers that led the way in looking after Old Buckenham’s residents.

Road Safety. Speed Watch checks will re-start again soon once training is completed for new volunteers.

Play Area. Safety Inspection had been booked for Monday 13 September. The grass needs regular cutting. Village Handyman to be requested to add playground to list of areas to cut to ensure it is cut regularly.

Councillors’ reports. Query over when there will be a coordinated village meeting to discuss possible arrangement for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. Steve Milner is in the process of arranging. Precept Grants will need arranging soon to allow time for residents to complete and submit. These to be publicised in October meeting.

A total of £322.40 raised from Scarecrow Trail. Many thanks for Naomi Bailey for all her hard work organising the event which was enjoyed by many.

Due to family and work commitments Ben Devlin will step down from the Parish Council but is happy to help on future projects as a resident. Many thanks to Ben Devlin for his work with the Parish Council over the last few years.

Problems have arisen with bonfires during the day time in good weather which has upset many residents. Request for parishioners to be more considerate about when they have bonfires so that it does not affect lots of people. The Christmas tree to be ordered next month. Official turn on of lights on Sunday 12 December. The Clerk has contacted electrician and currently arranging suitable location for defibrillator.

Items for next agenda. Precept Grants

The next Parish Council meeting to be held on Thursday 7 October at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall.


Saturday, 18 September 2021

Cleaning up Old Buckenham

 Picking up again

There will be a litter pick on the Green starting at 11am on Sunday 19 September. Meet by the Ottomer pond where cleaned hi vis jackets and litter pickers will be provided. Individuals, families and dogs on leads very welcome. Weather looks good so come along and join in. Do your bit and possibly get to meet other villagers that you haven't met before.

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Producing for Old Buckenham show

Got everything ready?

Have you cooked, dug up the veg, cut the flowers or printed your photos? Make sure your exhibits are delivered to the village hall before 11am tomorrow. It's amazing how many people come round looking at the exhibits in the afternoon and say "Oh I've got better ones than that at home..." 

Cleaning up in Old Buckenham

 Why not take part?

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Back in Old Buckenham

Getting a bit more normal

It has been eighteen months but Breckland Flower and Garden Club will be back and holding their first club meeting and flower demonstration on Thursday 9 September starting at 2pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall. The demonstrator will be Rachal Borenkove and she will be talking about her 'Life in a Flower Shop'.

In the evening the Social and Wine Circle re-start their monthly meetings in the Church Rooms when David Lumb  will be explaining that "Yes it is rocket science".  All welcome to come along for the mere cost of £2 and perhaps a raffle ticket or two.

On Sunday 12 the village Produce Show takes place in the Village Hall and the Old Buckenham Players are back on stage from Thursday 16 and Saturday 18 September. Time to get out and take part in local activities.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Old Buckenham newsletter for September

Have you read it yet?

If not, why not? It contains lots of valuable information on the proposed weather radar, the forthcoming Heritage Wellbeing Walk, all about entering the village Produce Show, news of the High School Allotment project and the Players being back on stage with their latest production. Also the history of the Social and Wine Circle that started fifty years ago and details of taking part in the Village Quiz that will take place on Saturday 9 October.

Printed copies have been dropping through letterboxes for several days now so read through it and put all the dates on your calendar or in your diary.