Saturday, 8 July 2017

Old Buckenham Women's Institute

Saving the world

Old Buckenham WI enjoyed an informative and interesting talk at there June meeting by Dan Bradbury from the World Land Trust (WLT). The organisation’s aim is to save threatened habitats worldwide and they work with overseas non-governmental organisations who own and manage the reserves created with funds from WLT. It is estimated that four acres of land is being deforested every minute - mainly for the cultivation of palm oil. Many animals and plants are facing extinction and the WLT raises funds to save threatened tropical forests and to get more rangers into the reserves to ensure their protection. The rangers are usually members of the local community and because of their knowledge of the habitat make excellent guides and become the best ambassadors for conservation in their community.
Betty Stacey was the local delegate for the WI’s Annual General Meeting in Liverpool and she gave a most descriptive and amusing account of her experiences of the proceedings and outcome of the meeting. Two very worthwhile resolutions were passed - the first with 98 per cent of the vote called for action to tackle the rising tide of microplastic waste in our oceans. The other was aimed at reaching out to the many people living with loneliness.
At the meeting on Thursday 24 August John Newmeir will be speaking on “Unusual experiences of a paramedic”.

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