Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autogiros collect up at Old Buckenham

All sorts of vehicles on show
As well as all the autogiros there were flying machines of all shapes and sizes coming in to Old Buckenham Airfied for this special day celebrating the life of Wing Commander Ken Wallis. They arrived at regular intervals all morning and all lined up in colourful rows in front of an appreciative audience.
There were also classic cars, motor bikes and military vehicles for the large crowds to walk amongst, talk to the owners and to admire. 
At midday there was a special aerobatic flypast and tributes were paid at an event in the Blister Hangar to the great man's achievements.

Ken Wallis celebration at Old Buckenham

Crowds come to airfield
Old Buckenham Airfield opened itself up today in celebration of the life and achievements of Wing Commander Ken Wallis who died earlier this month aged 97.
Many visitors were arriving by car at the official opening time of 10am and soon after the queues were stretching all the way down the airfield's long entrance road. There were plenty of people gathering around in the Blister Hangar to see Little Nellie, the autogiro that starred in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
Outside the hangar the collection of autogiros was growing as more and more flew in to join this unique event.

(more words and pictures to come later)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Old Buckenham's October events

Diary dates for October

Tuesday 1           Coffee and chat, Church Rooms, 10.30am to 12 noon

Wednesday 2      Women's Fellowship, Methodist Chapel, 2.30pm

Thursday 3         Parish Council, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Friday 4               Military Revival at Old Buckenham Airfield

Saturday 5          Military Revival at Old Buckenham Airfield

Saturday 5       Bingo night, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Sunday 6             Military Revival at Old Buckenham Airfield

Sunday 6             Wargames Club, Village Hall, 2.30pm to 6pm

Monday 7           Monday Mardle, Church Rooms, 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Wednesday 9      Luncheon Club, Village Hall, 10am to 2pm

Thursday 10       Breckland Flower Club, Village Hall, 2pm

Thursday 10       Social and Wine Circle, Church Rooms, 7.45pm

Sunday 13          Harvest Lunch, All Saints Church, 12 noon

Monday 14         Whist drive, Church Rooms, 2pm

Thursday 17    Annual precept meeting, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Monday 21         Monday Mardle, Church Rooms, 2.15pm to 4.15pm

Wednesday 23   Luncheon Club, Village Hall, 10am to 2pm

Thursday 24       Women's Institute, Village Hall, 7.30pm

Friday 25         Fake Thackray concert, Village Hall, 7.30pm for 8pm

 Wednesday 30 Songs of Praise, Methodist Chapel, 7.30pm

Thursday, 26 September 2013

October newsletter for Old Buckenham

Read the printed copy
The newsletters have now been put out around the village so why not pick up a copy and have a good read.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Harvesting in Old Buckenham

Allotments producing the goods
Here are some views of the crops now being gathered on the Old Buckenham allotments.
It's only a couple of years ago that this was an uncultivated field.



Friday, 20 September 2013

Life of Ken Wallis celebrated in Old Buckenham

Airfield to pay homage to great aviator
On Sunday 29 September there will be a chance to celebrate the life of Wing Commander Ken Wallis who died earlier this month aged 97. There will be a gathering, open to everyone, at Old Buckenham Airfield starting at 10am.
There is no charge for entry and it is expected that the famous Little Nellie autogyro will be one of the many items on display.  

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fake Thackray in Old Buckenham

Music at the village hall
Here is a date to remember, put it in your diary and buy your tickets from the village shop.
Just click on the images to see them at a larger size.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Old Buckenham Parish Council in September

Latest discussions
This report has been prepared by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is changed at a later date.
All the councillors, except Akis Chrisovelides who had sent his apologies, were present and also six members of the public.Sarah Dye and Derek Smalley, along with the parish council itself, declared an interest as shareholders of the Old Buckenham Green Right Proprietors. Steve Milner also declared an interest in the planning application for 45 Fen Street.
The meeting was suspended for a short while to allow the members of public to ask questions. The meeting then resumed.
Minutes of the July Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Carol Marshall asked for clarification of the Highways Act 1980. The Clerk said that under the act, in section 145, parish councils had no authority to instruct anyone to trim or cut back anything that was overhanging the highway. Only competent bodies like the Highways Agency, Norfolk County Council and Breckland Council had such authority.
Attleborough Development. Tim Ing said that soundings from some residents had said that the advice originally given to Parish Council that they could withdraw land from the south of Bunn’s Bank from the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan was incorrect. Adrian Joel gave out a map indicating Attleborough’s parish boundary and the land at Bunn’s Bank which was in the parish of Old Buckenham. Adrian Joel raised the question of withdrawing the land at Bunn’s Bank from the Attleborough Plan by having a new vote. Parish Clerk informed the meeting that the previous advice was given in good faith and therefore the vote taken at July meeting would have to stand. It could however be overturned. If six councillors put in writing a motion to overturn such vote, then a new vote could be taken at the October meeting. Adrian Joel said that when residents of Attleborough voted in a referendum on the plan, Old Buckenham residents would have no vote. Paul Boggia said the site was suitable for commercial development. Carol Marshall said she did want the land developed. Jonathan Kemp said if we could not withdraw the Bunn’s Bank land in the future from Attleborough’s plan then we should withdraw it now. Steve Milner said the owner of the land did want to develop the land and he thought Breckland Council did not always listen to local people. He thought the land should be controlled through either Attleborough’s Plan or an Old Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan. Derek Smalley said that he attended a recent meeting of the Attleborough Steering Group and they are not concerned whether the land is included or not. Old Buckenham Parish Council could liaise with Attleborough and have a voice to protect the interests of Old Buckenham residents. He thought we should remain part of the steering group to make sure Old Buckenham’s interests are put forward and Attleborough are not trying to take over Old Buckenham. Tom Johnson proposed that, due to new information, the Chairman does not sign the document to include the land at Bunn’s Bank which is in the parish of Old Buckenham but that Old Buckenham should remain part of the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. This was seconded by Adrian Joel and voted with 7 for and 3 against.
Old Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan. Tim Ing said this had been discussed previously and the general view was that Old Buckenham did not need a Neighbourhood Plan and only two residents had expressed a desire for one.
Village Hall broadband. Tom Johnson said that there had been no further movement on the matter. The meeting was informed that the Old Buckenham County Councillor was hosting a meeting on broadband in Norfolk at his home and that a representative of the Parish Council would be attending.
Planning applications. Buckenham Priory, Abbey Road. Alteration to study, one garden room and bedroom. There were no objections from the Parish Council, this was agreed unanimously both for listed building status and for planning.
Westward, The Green. Rear extension and conservatory. No objections, this was agreed unanimously.
45 Fen Street. The Parish Clerk to seek an extension so no vote taken.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Buckenham Priory, Removal of timber boarding at 1st floor level and replace with cream or off-white lime render. Permission granted.
The Finches, Cake Street. Front and rear extension, raise roof to create room in roof and Juliette balcony and new integral garage. Permission granted. Vine Cottage, 64 Fen Street. Installation of ground array of PV solar panels. Permission granted (retrospective).
Tower Lodge, Banham Road. Replacement of roof material on tower building only from cedar shingle to lead. Permission granted.
Willow Farmhouse, The Green. Erection of two-storey four-bedroom house and detached cart lodge for three cars. Permission refused.
Chairman’s report. Tim Ing said that any organisation requesting a grant had to submit the application in writing to the Parish Clerk by Monday 30 September. Concerns had been raised by two residents near to the Ox & Plough who said they could not access their property because of cars parked and blocking their access. The chairman said he was soon moving into rented accommodation in preparation for moving house. As he still retains property in Old Buckenham and will be moving within three miles he is still able to remain as a parish councillor.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel reported that William Nunn had stood down as leader of Breckland Council and replaced by Michael Wassell who was deputy leader. Linda Turner had been elected Deputy Leader. The Boundary Commission has asked for the number of wards in Breckland be reduced from 54 to 50. To achieve this it is proposed that Old Buckenham will join New Buckenham and Banham and the ward will be known as Buckenhams and Banham. The proposal will be forwarded to Boundary Commission later this month for consideration and new boundaries will be confirmed in May or June 2014. Cycle Cinema comes to Old Buckenham on Friday 13 September at 7.30pm and will be showing the Wizard of Oz at the Village Hall.
Parish Councillors’ reports. John Frost said repairs to All Saints church are moving forward and they recently had a limited number of volunteers helping with work at the church. They hope to be able to change the windows next year before winter. Carol Marshall asked if Diggerman could come back to Recreation Area and Tim Ing said he would arrange it when the ground was not so hard. Carol Marshall also said the Almshouse residents have received new rules. They are not happy with some of them so a meeting will be held soon with all the residents. Jonathan Kemp said the football nets would soon be put up at Recreation Area. No new grant money has yet been awarded but they are still trying to find new funding streams. Adrian Joel has drawn up new allotment tenancy agreements and recently had a meeting with the allotment holders. Tim Ing said he had a meeting with landowner of allotment site and there would not be any increase in allotment land rent so no increase in plot rents would be needed. Steve Milner raised the matter of a weekend of entertainment in mid-September which would include events like a Hangar Dance on the Saturday night, a cycle cinema evening on Friday evening and also a picnic on Sunday between the two pubs. Tom Johnson said the circulation folder system is not working as he had just received the July folder. Tim Ing asked councillors for their views on best way to deal with situation. It was agreed that councillors would look at folder on the night of each Parish Council meeting. Sarah Dye said she had posted a comment to Jon Hicks on the good work he is doing. She then raised matter of guarantees on play equipment if not inspected by Playdale each year. She will speak to Kerry Talbot on the matter.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Clerk said that the accounts had been audited and passed as correct by government auditors. He then spoke on the Precept Referendum Bill which was going through the House of Commons at the present time. This bill would restrict parish councils to a 2% increase in the annual precept. If they wanted a larger increase then a referendum would have to be held for which the Parish Council would be liable for the cost. This coupled with new smaller tax base to which the precept was raised could have serious implications for future precepts of all parish councils and could result in shortfall in funding for parish councils.
The Green. Jonathan Kemp commented on how nice the Green looked this summer under the new contractor who was doing a good job.
The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 3 October and the Annual Precept meeting will be on Thursday 17 October, both meetings commencing at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dorothy woos Old Buckenham

But only briefly...
Steve and Lynn Milner, along with David Hannah, spent a nervous day (on Friday 13 September) watching the weather forecast to see if it would be dry enough for the outdoor showing of The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately heavy rain was forecast for 8pm so the decision was made that an indoor venue would be needed. Headmaster Paul Andrew of Old Buckenham Primary School saved the day by offering the use of the school's main hall.
The principle of this cinema experience was that all the power was to be generated by bicycles. Electric Pedals arrived with the equipment and a bicycle-powered cinema appeared out of a couple of boxes. The WI arrived with cakes, Lynn and Vicky had made soup and even bags of pop corn were available. All was set.
The kids loved the bikes and thanks to the efforts of Lucy Womack and the children, there was soon enough power to make a start. A cheer went up from the 70 strong audience as the main feature started and Dorothy and Toto wooed us with their acting! As Dorothy started the first song, “Over the Rainbow”, the whole room broke into song and joined in.
But then disaster struck. Not Dorothy being sucked up into a whirlwind but a disappearing picture and a message saying no signal. Following a gallant effort from Kaz (Electric Pedals), and a dash to find a replacement cable, the performance had to be abandoned.
This was so disappointing after the euphoria of the first song. However a promise was made that there will be another attempt later and hopefully it will be outdoors.

Old Buckenham dance cancelled

Sorry but...
A decision has been taken to cancel the barn dance that had been organised for tonight. All monies paid will be refunded and if further information is required to call 07722 087858.
Despite much local publicity there has not been enough take up of tickets and the organisers deeply regret any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Old Buckenham barn (hangar) dance

Barn dance in the hangar at the airfield
This dance is planned for Saturday 14 September  but so far has seen extremely low advanced ticket sales. So low in fact that the organisers are having to consider the possible cancellation of the event.

If you, your friends, family or neighbours are planning on going but have been leaving your ticket purchase until the last minute, please buy them now or call 01953 860866 or 07722 087858 to reserve your tickets.
Any profits from this event will be given to the Old Buckenham 2000 Trust.
If you leave it to the last minute then there may be no dance...

Monday, 9 September 2013

Old Buckenham's own village produce show

On show
There was plenty of activity at the Old Buckenham Produce and Handicraft Show on Sunday 8 September. Things were particularly busy in the morning with entries coming in from 56 different people and a grand total of 374 separate entries. Particularly pleasing were the nine entries in the classes for eggs, a category that had been reintroduced for the first time for over ten years.
Judging took place from late morning until lunch time so that everything was ready for the public viewing in the afternoon. The prizes were presented by Lynn Milner, chair of the Village Hall Management Committee. Debbie Thomas was particularly successful, picking up the trophies for most points in the classes for preserves, cookery, vegetables and fruit. John Frost got the trophies for eggs, flowers and pot plants, sharing this last award with Jane Burrows. Betty Stacy won the handicraft and Pat Dickinson the art. The afternoon finished off with an auction of much of the produce and a well-supported raffle.
The event was organised and run by the Old Buckenham Women’s Institute and their president, Susan Hunter, thanked everyone for their help and support which had ensured that this popular event was enjoyable, informative and was expected to make a little money for WI funds.

Here are a few photos showing the entries in the heaviest marrow class, judging in progress, some children's entries and the auctioneer at work selling the surplus produce.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Building work starts in Old Buckenham

The earth moves
Three weeks ago the site of the new Cotman affordable housing looked like this.
Now the fencing has gone up and the machines have moved in. The view from the edge of Prince Harry's Wood is changing and the blog editor will try to record these changes over the next twelve months or so. Today it looked like this.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Old Buckenham Produce Show 2013

Produce your exhibits
The Old Buckenham Produce Show is on Sunday 8 September. Now is your opportunity to put in all your exhibits, whether it is flower arrangements, preserves, other cookery, homemade wine, eggs, flowers, pot plants, handicrafts, paintings, photographs, vegetables and fruit.

Every year there are people looking around at the show tables and saying “Oh I’ve got a better one than that at home”. Make sure you are not one of them by putting in an exhibit or two. (For the economically-minded villagers, it is cheaper to enter two classes and come into the show free in the afternoon as an exhibitor than to come in as a visitor.)
The schedule for the show can be obtained by contacting Doris on 01953 861322.
There are various children’s classes so you may just have time to get the children (or grandchildren) occupied doing something before the end of the school holidays.
This year sees the return of classes for eggs - chicken, duck and bantam. If required, the organisers will supply a simple egg box to display your six eggs but remember that the judge will crack open one of them when deciding on the winner.
This is an open show so entries are accepted from everyone, even people from Stacksford, New Buckenham or Banham. If you can’t get to the village hall on the Sunday morning then someone else can always bring your exhibits along for you. Entries have to be in by 11am at the latest.
So take the plunge and put some entries in this year. You will probably enjoy it.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Busy weekend coming in Old Buckenham

Autumn Weekend Bash
Three events are being planned for the weekend in mid-September to see out summer and charge the fun batteries ready for winter.
On Friday 13 September there will be a first for Old Buckenham with a Cycle Cinema showing ‘The Wizard of Oz’. This is an outdoor cinema where all the power is generated by cyclists!
Bring your own chairs or blankets and you will be expected to sing. This will be a great event for all the family. The venue is the Village Hall lawn and will start at 7.30pm. The cost will be £4 for adults, £3 for children (tickets available from the Ox and Plough, the Milners on 01953 860866, David on 01953 861261 or by email to

On Saturday 14 September at 7pm there will be the Third Old Buckenham Barn Dance in the Old Buckenham Airfield Blister Hangar featuring the return of Snapdragon. Food and drink will be available, details to follow. Price for adults is £5 with the under 12s free of charge. Tickets available from the Village Shop or Steve on 01953 860866.
Then on Sunday 15 September, lunchtime onwards, there will be a ‘Picnic on the Green’ on the area between the Ox and Plough and the Gamekeeper. Food and drink will be available or bring your own picnic.
For up-to-date information on all these events keep checking this blog.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Treasure Quest visits Old Buckenham.

Treasure Quest here again
The BBC Radio Norfolk stopped by at the Gamekeeper pub in Old Buckenham today as they were looking for clue three in this morning's programme. Listeners had soon realised that the reference to half past four in the previous clue linked up to the date 1630 that is spelt out in the tiles on the roof of  of the pub. After finding that the location of the next clue was many miles away they were soon driving off on a further search
And if you had ever wondered what footwear is worn by Thordis the Thunder Fairy, the visual evidence is here.