Tuesday, 7 November 2017

SAM measuring in Old Buckenham

A busy few days
SAM has been kept busy over the last few days indicating the speed of the traffic travelling along Cake Street by the junction with Harlingwood Lane. SAM is a Speed Awareness Monitor and it sits there for hours on time showing drivers just how fast they are going as they reach the blind bend in the road.
It is content when it shows readings like this:

Some drivers seem to forget this road is subject to a 30mph speed limit so SAM asks them to reduce their speed by telling them to 'slow down'.

A village Speedwatch team recorded considerably higher speeds early this morning just a bit further along Cake Street so these measurements were not unexpected. This afternoon even a passing hearse had to be reminded to slow down, perhaps they were just touting for more business.
Please keep to the speed limit and keep SAM happy.

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Bill Rout said...

These SAM units are a good way to verify the accuracy of your own speedometer as they are calibrated against a known standard.