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Old Buckenham Parish Council

Minutes of November meeting
These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date.
The November meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council was held on Thursday 2 November 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, Old Buckenham. Those present were Adrian Joel (Chairman), Rona Boggia, Sarah Hornbrook, Phil Little, Steve Milner and Paul Philips along with the clerk Hilary Clutten and sixteen members of the public.
Apologies for non-attendance had been received from Susan Brown, Ben Devlin, Jon Hicks, Jonathan Kemp and Andy Nicholls.
The minutes of the October council meeting were approved as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Matters arising from these minutes included that it was hoped to soon do some work to improve the track opposite Green Pond, Paul Boggia has agreed to check on the electricity supply in the BT kiosk, there has been no response yet from NCC regarding the upgrading of the path at the Village Hall and that Morgan Sindall will soon renew the fencing at the Village Hall.
Public participation on agenda items. A number of resident dog owners had attended the meeting to find out what was going to happen about dogs on the Green. It was pointed out that dog owners should be advised to keep their dogs on leads during the bird nesting season. It was agreed that the Green had been much cleaner since some advisory notices had been put on the multi-use bins. The issue of upgrading the path to the new school has not yet been resolved. It was agreed that the Road Safety Working Party should take on a study of residential parking in the village. Next month’s agenda would also include why the village is becoming a car park for buses, etc.
Green Management Working Party report. It is not possible for the free mowing of the Green to continue because of the mole hills but the contractor has stood by his agreement for the current year. There will be a final cut and strim in preparation for winter. The footpath opposite Green Pond is to be compacted to make it more accessible for walkers.
The Breckland Tree Officer has come to look at the trees and give advice and it is hoped to have a talk by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust on environmental issues. Next year it is hoped to do some work on Ottomer pond; an application has been made to remove some trees and branches. The Working Party is also proposing to the Parish Council that the path alongside Rod Alley Row be improved at a cost of £1060. The Working Party would like to carry out a survey of residents, perhaps in February 2018, to gain a sense of what people think has been done right or wrong and what could be done better. Gemma Frost has joined the Working Party.
Planning applications. 9 The Old Yard, Hargham Road. Erection of office building. The Council resolved to support this application.
Chapel House, The Green. Creation of a separate residential unit. The Council resolved to support in principle but did not believe that there was enough information about vehicle parking.
Chapel House, The Green. Listed Building application to form a flat in upper floor. The Council resolved to support in principle but did not believe that there was enough information about vehicle parking.
Other planning matters. The Chairman reported that Breckland Council did not have any problem with the removing of the marked trees around Ottomer pond. A new location has been found for a mobile telephone mast in Old Buckenham. The company involved is currently carrying out a consultation exercise. The Chairman also reported that a small part of the land in the Attleborough SUE was in the parish of Old Buckenham and that he will be talking to the Breckland Officers directly to clarify the use of the land and if necessary a meeting is to be arranged with someone from Breckland to make residents’ feelings known before the application goes to Planning Committee.
Financial report from the Clerk. The bank balance in mid-October was £33,498.69. The allotment invoices have been issued and a further sum of £450 has been received for Community Car mileage. Money is still outstanding from Enterprise Inns and the Green Rights’ Proprietors (wayleave payment) for the Green.
Recent payments included £96 for cutting the Recreation Area, £101 for purchase of litter bin, £496 for paper for the newsletter and £450 for the allotment rent.
Chairman’s report. The war memorial is being cleaned and the grass cut in readiness for Remembrance Sunday; Rona Boggia will lay a wreath on behalf of the village. The Chairman is arranging to visit the Norfolk Records Office with the Clerk and Jon Hicks.
District Councillor’s reports. Attleborough Town Council has requested that the main car park become a “Pay & Display” car park. Breckland Council has launched a more user-friendly website. The new broadband boxes will soon become live. Breckland has applied for funding from Highways England to locate four charging points for electric and hybrid cars near major routes in Breckland.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Steve Milner reported that the village has the use of the SAM Sign for a few weeks (installed in Cake Street and Hargham Road). He has taken a dash-cam photograph of an errant lorry and has submitted it to Norfolk Constabulary but no response has yet been received. A ‘Road Narrows’ sign has been requested for Hargham Road.
The village church has not been successful in getting funding from the National Lottery to re-thatch its roof. Sarah Hornbrook reported that there is a broken stile on the footpath from Doe Lane to Dam Brigg and the Clerk will advise NCC.
Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan. The Town Referendum will soon be carried out.
Road Safety Working Party. There has been no response from Norfolk County Council since the Clerk sent a letter; the Clerk was asked to contact County Councillor Stephen Askew. Rona Boggia will look at the car parking issue.
Play Area. Jon Hicks is to do some work to make the Play Area safer and will also do some painting.
Recreation Area. Morgan Sindall will be doing some repairs to the fencing in the next few weeks. The Council is still waiting for some ideas from the school pupils for the Recreation Area and also the bus shelter.
Chapel Green School. The new school will be opening in January.
Report on the Green. A report had been given earlier in the meeting by members of the Working Party and they were thanked for their work. The Working Party is proposing that the Parish Council improves the track by Rod Alley Pond and has obtained two quotations for the work. After some discussion the Council decided to defer the decision until further information is obtained. The Council agreed not to change its charging policy for the Ox & Plough until the next financial year.
Village sign. The Pride of Breckland awards are no longer available to fund the work on the village sign.The Council agreed to have the sign grit blasted and repainted in the Spring and to raise the cost, £815, through next year’s Precept.
Compilation of a welcome pack. The work on this is progressing.
Village Handy Person. Andy Nicholls is co-ordinating a list of possible contractors and a ‘to do’ list.
Items to be included in the December Agenda would include the telephone kiosk, parking in the village, the village sign, the Attleborough Development, progress on the welcome pack, the Rod Alley Row track, the village job list update, public participation at council meetings, communications, CPR courses and meetings with the Village Hall Management Committee.

The date of the next Parish Council meeting will be on Thursday 7 December in the Village Hall, Old Buckenham.

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