Friday, 10 November 2017

Old Buckenham Precept meeting

Next year's spending
There will be a meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council at the Village Hall, Old Buckenham, on Thursday 16 November starting at 7.30pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend.
Items on the agenda will be:
  • To record declarations of interests not already recorded in the current Members’ Register of Interests
  • Public Participation relating to agenda items only
  • The Parish Council Budget 2018/19
  • To consider a request from the Parochial Church Council for a Precept Grant for 2018/19 towards re-thatching the church roof
  • To consider a request from the Pre-school for a Precept Grant for window blinds or a Children’s Farm
  • To consider a request from New Buckenham Football Club for a Precept Grant for a weather shelter
  • To consider the other Precept Grant Applications for 2018/19 – amounts suggested by Precept Grants Working Party
  • To consider budgeting for the refurbishment of the Village Sign, £815, in 2018/19
  • To consider how much to budget for the Green for 2018/19
  • To consider any amendments to the 2018/19 budget figures prepared by the Clerk
  • To consider a quote for £500 for cutting the Green before the winter.

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