Friday, 6 August 2021

Winners in Old Buckenham

 Which scarecrow was judged to be best?

Over the last weekend, two villagers have been round to see all the scarecrows that were on display. They found it difficult to decide on a winner but eventually chose the display outside the Methodist Chapel in Hargham Road because of the cleverness of their theme of displaying the many people who would have worshipped there over the last 150 years. The massive effort that had been made to dress the scarecrows in the appropriate clothing for the different times from the 1870s up to the present day was obvious.

They also decided to give special commendations to three displays. They were ‘Oh Matron’ in Cake Street, showing the NHS at work, ‘We’re all mad here’ in Ragmere Road portraying a Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and also ‘Darby and Joan’ who have been enjoying tea outside the Almshouses.
At present it is intended to have a further Trail next year and the judges suggested that it might help to have a general theme for the scarecrows, if only to help in making the judging a little easier. The Scarecrow Trail has proved to be popular with 29 entries, plenty of families going around the village to see how many they could spot .and has raised funds that will help with the upkeep of the Children's Play area.

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