Thursday, 5 August 2021

Old Buckenham weather radar

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The editor of the Old Buckenham blog has received this message from Richard Bennett of the Met Office:

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you about the proposed plans for erecting a weather radar at Old Buckenham. We have also notified the Parish Council, airfield and nearest residents of our intentions.

Having taken the time to consider the options available to us and to engage with our stakeholders we remain committed to erecting a weather radar in East Anglia. The addition of a radar in this area will help safeguard people and property throughout the region and further afield by providing information to support improved severe weather and flood warnings. The Old Buckenham site on the Anglian Water land is the best location for that weather radar.
Since the planning committee in May, we have used the interim period to address the issues raised and commissioned further survey work relating to the ecology aspect.
We therefore intend to submit an appeal against the planning decision to Her Majesty’s Planning Inspectorate later this week. Typically, an appeal will take up to 24 weeks following submission and validation of paperwork. Within the appeal documentation we will be addressing the concerns raised by the Breckland Planning Committee. During this time, comments should be directed via Breckland Council to the Planning Inspectorate in line with the normal appeal process .

May we take this opportunity to remind you about the dedicated project website ( a wide range of further information, including answers to frequently asked questions that we have encountered during this and other radar developments. These should hopefully answer many of the question that the residents in the area may have.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for allowing us to engage with you and your readership.

Richard Bennett
Senior Project Manager

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