Thursday, 14 January 2021

Services in Old Buckenham

 Meeting at All Saints Church

Although All Saints Church has not been organising formal 9.30am services at the church, those who wanted to meet have been joining an informal gathering on Sunday mornings and the monthly 8am Communion Service has still happened.  However, a letter has been received from the Bishop of Norwich. Bishop Graham has explained that whilst worship with a congregation present is still permitted, he feels it is necessary to change this.  He says " I would now strongly encourage all incumbents, churchwardens and PCCs not to have physically present worship (except funerals and urgent marriages) in the next few weeks. The risks are now too great, even with all of the precautions that we have so painstakingly put in place."
The Churchwardens and the PCC agree and will follow his lead and move back to online gatherings only.
The good news is that the church door is left open so that All Saints is available to all who may need it as a place for private prayer and reflection.

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