Friday, 22 January 2021

Old Buckenham weather measurements

Proposed weather radar

The Met Office have been in contact with the Old Buckenham parish council to say they have completed the remaining preparation work on their plans for the erection of a reduced-height weather radar at the Anglian Water site on Abbey Road. They intend to submit a planning application to the District Council by the end of January.  They would encourage a thorough reading of the planning information pack that will be made available on the planning portal.  This will contain all the relevant assessments and surveys.

The Met Office do not anticipate communicating directly with the parish council or any other of the stakeholders during the formal planning process period. Any feedback and concerns should be directed to the planning department at Breckland Council through the normal planning process. They would like to remind everyone that there is a dedicated project website containing a wide range of further information, including answers to frequently asked questions that they have encountered during this and other radar developments. These should hopefully answer many of the question that the parish councillors or residents may have.   

They will also be writing directly to Mr and Mrs Riches at Waterworks House, the neighbouring parish councils and Old Buckenham Airfield to make them aware of the forthcoming submission. 

The Met Office thank Old Buckenham parish council for helping them to engage with the local community and surrounding area. They hope that they have been able to reassure the majority of residents about many of their concerns and remain committed to working towards solutions, where possible, that help alleviate the impacts of the construction or operation of the radar. 

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