Friday, 2 August 2019

Parking at Old Buckenham village hall

Car park permits
The following information was provided for people bringing children to the primary school during term time but may be of interest to other villagers.
Why do we need to pay to park in the Village Hall car park? The Village Hall is responsible for maintaining its private car park. The car park is not a public car park. The school parents/carers collecting and dropping off children at the school are the most regular and largest body of traffic to use the car park and money from the permits helps pay towards the ongoing cost of maintaining it.
Why is there a permit system? There aren't enough spaces for everyone who might want to park here. The permit system ensures the number of daily users closely matches the number of spaces available.
How much does it cost to use? A permit for the entire school year costs £30 for school users or £20 for pre-school users. If you join mid-year, it's either £10 per term for school users, or £7 per term for pre-school users.
How many permits do I need? You only need to pay for 1 permit per household. If you have multiple different adults driving the same children, that's fine; just tell us how many permits you need. It's still only £30 but of course, you can only use 1 permit at a time.
What about family/friends who occasionally collect my children? We know sometimes you'll have to ask someone else to do the school run. That's fine - we sometimes undertake permit checks in which case they may be asked for your name and it will be checked against the permit database.
How do I get a permit? The system is run by parent volunteers on behalf of the Village Hall. Please email and they will send you a copy of the Terms and Conditions, plus a Data Protection Statement. They will also ask you for some basic details.
What if I don't want to buy a permit? Sorry, but you can't use the Village Hall car park for the school run. Work is being conducted by OId Buckenham Parish Council to determine how the village can meet the parking needs of future school users. For the current generation, efficient use of the Village Hall car park is essential to meet the needs of parents/carers and we welcome your ongoing support of the permit system to ensure the safety of our children.
For other information please take a look at our Facebook page @OBcarpark

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