Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Over the limit in Old Buckenham

Speed measurements

As part of a planning application for work on a house in Cake Street, the developers needed to get a traffic survey done. For just one week (27 June to 3 July) the amount of traffic and its speed was measured on the B1077 just by the entrance/exit of the blog editors's front garden. 
There is a 30mph speed limit on this stretch of road.
Some 30,418 vehicles were counted. 
Of these 2599 vehicles were measured doing 35 to 40mph
266 vehicles were doing 40 to 45mph 
46 vehicles were doing 45 to 50mph 
16 vehicles were doing 50 to 55mph 
No vehicles  were measured in the 55 to 60mph range
One vehicle was found to doing over 
With a total of over 30,000 vehicles, perhaps 2928 doing more than 5mph over the official speed limit doesn't seem too unusual. But if all of them had been given the standard fine of £100 this could have raised nearly £30,000. Assuming this was a typical week for traffic, in one year that would amount to over £15 million...
Luckily the blog editor was not driving out of his front drive when the vehicle doing over 60mph was coming round the blind corner so he is still here to post things on the Old Buckenham blog.

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