Sunday, 26 May 2019

Old Buckenham and flowers

Found in the attic
On Thursday 9 May members of Breckland Flower and Garden Club welcomed Terri Potter to Old Buckenham Village Hall. It was Terri’s first visit to the Club and she presented her demonstration called “Attic Attack”. The clue was in the title as all her props had been retrieved from her attic. Terri began with an old suitcase from around 1975 which she filled with beautiful white flowers and foliage from her garden, creating a bridal bouquet arrangement and taking us back to her wedding day. Next, using a container that she had made and stored in her attic for sometime, she created a stunning design using carnations and roses with colours from lemon through to bright orange. For her third arrangement she used a container she had found in a well-known shop, one where when you see it you have to buy it as there is a good chance it will be gone next time you visit. Using beautiful pink lilies named ‘Christopher’ she created another delightful arrangement adding aspidistra leaves and some unusual spades she had made from thin wire and found in, yes, the attic. Next using knitted small hammocks hung onto some robust branches and greenery from the garden she produced yet another unusual arrangement. Her fifth design used an old picture frame with tubes attached to add foliage and flowers. For her sixth and final arrangement Terri used a tall three-tier stand, decorated with glass-shaped diamonds down the sides. This year NAFAS celebrates its Diamond Anniversary, 60 years since it was recognised that ladies were in need of something creative to do together following the war when they had been busy doing men’s work now no longer needed. Refreshments followed with a chance to purchase more raffle tickets. At least ten lucky ladies would be taking Terri’s’ arrangements home.
Terri judged the competitions. The winners were Christine Hewson for the table show “Blossom Time” and Pat Barton who won the trophy for “Long forgotten”, an arrangement using an item from the attic.
The next meeting on Thursday 13 June at 2pm is a garden visit to Besthorpe Hall followed by afternoon tea at Peter Beales so no meeting that day at the Village Hall.
For more details regarding any of the above including membership or visiting the club, please contact Christine Hewson on 01953 454528 or Sally Westrup on 01953 788712.

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