Saturday, 18 May 2019

Helicopters over Old Buckenham

Local flying
On a couple of occasions recently, people have contacted Old Buckenham Airfield to let them know about a helicopter annoying horses in the village. It’s nothing to do with the Airfield at all and whoever it is seems to land just outside their sphere of influence. They saw it on their screens on Friday morning and the registration was G-GETU which is large black executive machine quite possibly undertaking charter work. 
The Airfield are at pains to point out that this is nothing to do with them, even if the helicopter did come within their ‘zone’, they are not able to prevent it from doing so.
 At the same time some may have spotted another black helicopter, this time with a gold stripe, flying in the area. This is bringing, Matt at the Airfield has been told, the new owners of Banham Poultry to and from their site on Bunn’s Bank. Once again, the Airfield powerless to stop them although the Airfield have asked them to take a path that causes least nuisance which they appear to be doing. In this instance any complaints arising should be addressed to Banham Poultry direct. 
The Airfield are happy to pass on any information that they see on their screen (which depends on the aircraft to be fitted with a system called ADS-B). 

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