Friday, 18 September 2009

What's in your bag?

Use less plastic

All households in the parish should now have received their own Old Buckenham Bag for Life. It has been designed by pupils of Old Buckenham High School to promote a reduction in the use of plastic bags.
Plastic bags create serious litter problems and can pose a real danger to wildlife. These reusable bags have been designed with this in mind and it is hoped that they can help the efforts to clean up the environment.
Please use (and reuse) the bag for trips to the shops or the library and let everyone see how Old Buckenham is tackling this environmental problem.
This project has been supported by Breckland Council, Old Buckenham High School, Old Buckenham Village Environment and Recycling Group (VERG) and Old Buckenham Stores.
To help keep up awareness of this Old Buckenham Bag there is a photographic competition entitled “Your bag in its own environment”.
Why not let everyone know what happens to your bag?
Let’s see it in use. It might be just carrying shopping or taking stuff to the recycling banks. It might be protecting your head from a torrential downpour of rain, it could be on top of a high mountain or down a coal mine...
The competition is free and open to all Old Buckenham residents. There are two classes: one for adults and one for those under 16. Winning entries will be used in local publications like the village newsletter and this blog, and will receive a prize from Breckland Council.
All entries need to be emailed to by 31st December 2009, or deliver prints to:
Crockslea, Cake Street, Old Buckenham, NR17 1PS. Please include your name, contact details, your age/the class you would like to enter and a brief description of where the picture was taken. The judges’ decision will be final.

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