Friday, 11 September 2009

Appreciate the drumming

DGAS information

Someone left a comment on the recent post ‘Dancers and drummers’ about our village fete and wrote “Do I dare ask what is the Dead Goat Appreciation Society?”
The Dead Goat Appreciation Society is the performance arm of DGAS (Drummers Gather And Socialise) which is a drumming group for women. It was formed this year and they are doing well in getting themselves all sorts of gigs. They have played at the Pining for Pride gig in Norwich Arts Centre, the Lopham Craft and Garden Fayre, Diss Carnival, in Old Buckenham Church and in Chapelfield Gardens' bandstand in Norwich.
Their hand drumming mainly involves djembes and dunduns from Senegal.
The Dead Goat Appreciation Society is based in our neighbouring village of New Buckenham (see They play mainly West African rhythms but also have some North African, Cuban and Haitian ones in their repertoire.
They are happy to perform at local community events and if you would like to have them at your event then you can make contact via email at

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Thank you for clearing that up! I had all sorts of weird visions going through my head.... :-)