Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Anniversary service in Old Buckenham

Outdoor celebrations

On Sunday 30 May the Methodist Church building will be exactly 150 years old. To celebrate the event they are planning to hold a special church service which they hope to be held outside, weather permitting, so that they will be able to have social distancing and be allowed to sing.

It well start at the usual time of 10.45am and all are invited to attend and join in the celebrations.

Being outside (and the forecast at the moment is for sunshine) this means that the congregation will be able to sing, very apt for a Methodist church given John Wesley’s open air sermons. There will also be an unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the date.  This will be done by Myrtle Bloom and the Parish Council chair Jonn Hicks, who was married in the church.
It will probably be a slightly shorter service than usual so will be over by 11.45am. There will be chairs put outside so people will have a choice to sit or stand. The order of service will be on a handout for safety reasons and so no need for hymn books. It will all take place using the space next to the church so the car park will available if you are driving there.

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