Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Old Buckenham planned power cut

 Support for the powerless

As UK Power Networks needed to upgrade the electricity network in part of Old Buckenham, the houses in Cake Street were without electricity from 9am until 3pm today while the engineers were diverting the overhead/underground electricity cables in the March Field Way area.

The blog editor was visited in person to check that he was coping OK and later in the morning he received a phone call saying that the Power Network support vehicle was parked in a garden along the road should any help be needed. So of course he and his trusty camera had to visit. The support available ranged from a hot coffee, tea or chocolate, a pack of biscuits, the opportunity to charge up your phone, use a WiFi point, microwave a meal and even to take away a self heating meal that could be ready to eat in ten minutes.

Thank you to Kate who was manning the vehicle. It was so pleasing to see the support that was available to those who may well have needed that extra little help while they had no power for some six hours.

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