Thursday, 1 December 2016

Eight years of the Old Buckenham blog

Who else reads this?
You may find some of the following statistics of interest. 
This blog first started at the beginning of December 2008 and has been posting about three or four times a week ever since.  
It has a relatively small audience compared with many other blogs as not everyone in the world is that interested in what goes on in our little Norfolk village. But there have been instances of Old Buckenham  residents getting to know what's going on here when contacted by their relatives in Australia or New Zealand.
Blogger states there have been 455,000 page views since the blog started. A more reliable measuring site puts the number of visitors so far at some 84,200.
The most popular time for readers to log in is between 11am and 12 noon (GMT).
The most popular day for visits is Monday and least popular is Saturday.
Some 82% of readers are from the UK with the USA coming next with 7%. Over twenty counties, from Angola to the Virgin Isles, have only visited once in the eight years since the blog went live.
The most number of readers in one day was 161 on Saturday 8 October this year (mainly to see photos of the car that ended up in Manor Pond).
The highest number of visits in a week was 436 when people logged in to check on arrangements for our Queen's Jubilee celebrations (June 2012).
The highest number in a month was 1426 in September 2015. 


Rog said...

Congratulations on your sterling service to the village Mr Editor!

Anonymous said...

I check the blog often as my parents-in-law, Norman and Edna Hall, retired to the village and lived there for nearly 30 years. They were involved with many of the local organisations and the village hall, until their deaths 6-7 years ago. It's nice to be able to follow the progress of the village as time moves on. Cathryn and Mark Hall