Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Broadside Boys at Old Buckenham

Folk from the East
There was a well-attended musical evening in Old Buckenham Village Hall last night. The music was supplied by The Broadside Boys (Matt Bayfield and Eric Sedge) ably supported by the Gamekeeper's Lad (Stephen Bayfield) with his tales of local country life. 
The Broadside Boys use their folk music to tell stories of local tragedy and heroism. There were songs about a wartime plane crash, of merchant seamen on the Arctic convoys, of gamekeepers and even a one-armed headmaster.
Although it was a warm evening, everyone enjoyed a meal of sausages and mash as well as plenty of liquid refreshment from the well-stocked bar.
There was talk of a return visit sometime in the future so  more villagers will be able to enjoy this particular brand music and the associated humour.

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