Sunday, 10 August 2014

Looking at an Old Buckenham garden

College Farm opened for charity today

You work on your garden for ages, knowing that visitors will be looking around and you will be raising funds for St John Ambulance. It is the first time you have done it and everything is ready. Then the weather breaks and sudden downpours and thunder are forecast for opening day. It rains, hard at times all morning  and is not much better when opening time comes at 2pm.
But people still come and cars start to line up in the field. Some locals just walk down the road to see how a garden has progressed from a farmer's field over the last ten years. The sun comes out for a while, then it gets cloudy and thunder starts again which means the teas and cakes do well as people shelter from the rain. Before the closing time at 5pm the sun is out again and it has all seemed worthwhile.

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