Saturday, 10 April 2010

Step forward

Volunteers needed
At present there are three vacancies on the Parish Council. If any Old Buckenham resident is interested in filling one of the vacancies can they please contact the parish clerk, James Watling, on 01953 880110.
There is also a need for volunteers to join the working party being set up to arrange allotments for the village. The Allotment Working Party of the Parish Council will be holding an open meeting on Saturday 15 May in the Church Rooms starting at 10.30am. All those interested in obtaining an allotment should come along and ask questions of the working party who should be able to give details of the way forward on the project. The Working Party is hoping that some of those wanting allotments will join the working party so they can have an input into the matter.
Those willing to take part should contact the parish clerk on 01953 880110.

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