Friday, 5 June 2009

Busy supporting bees

Women’s Institute report
At Old Buckenham’s May meeting, members discussed the Resolution for debate at the national WI Annual General Meeting . Susan Hunter went through the single proposal, one that urges HM government to increase funding for research into honey bee health. This subject is very apposite at the moment with much public debate and media coverage. The honey bee population is under attack from the Varroa parasitic mite. Also ‘colony collapse’ is wiping out whole colonies of bee hives. Bees play such a critical part in biodiversity and their honey production and plant pollination are also vital to the population’s health and wellbeing. After some interesting discussion the President will be on her way to the Albert Hall with unanimous support from Old Buckenham.
Members were then given a demonstration by Michelle from Sussex Farmhouse Foods, a firm delivering ‘the finest quality frozen meals to your door’. There was a tasting session with two examples of their main course products and two desserts to sample. The smells that wafted in from the Village Hall kitchen were tempting, and members were soon all tasting the lamb and apricot casserole, roast chicken (both with vegetables), lemon meringue pie and blackcurrant cheesecake. These were much enjoyed and got the general approval of those present.
Three members, who had recently attended courses at the WI Denman College, brought examples of their handiwork. As always, they had had a most interesting and hard-working time but had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Members who had attended the 90th anniversary service in Norwich Cathedral reported that it had been a most memorable and moving service. Without doubt, the singing of ‘Jerusalem’ had made a great impression on them.
Old Buckenham WI have also been busy providing refreshments at various village functions including the Book Sale, with proceeds for this helping towards the new Village Hall kitchen fund (a project close to this WI’s heart).

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