Friday, 8 May 2009

Unfurling the banner

Celebration time

It was time for a bubbly celebration at Old Buckenham Stores when they received further recognition of their recent success in being voted the best independent village store in the whole of Breckland.

Becky Jefcoate, Economical Development Officer at Breckland District Council was there to pass over a specially-made banner to allow the shop to advertise its success to all those passing by. The Londis Regional Manager Jon Chapman was also there along with John Miller, Regional Director of Musgrave Retail Partners, to pass on their congratulations to Old Buckenham's village shop.

Adrian Joel, Old Buckenham's local councillor, helped the shop staff and some of their regular customers to show off the banner to the photographers and to open a suitable celebratory bottle of bubbly on this important occasion.
The top picture shows, from the left, John Miller (Musgrave Retail Partners), Doug Baker (customer), Venuka (from the shop), Adrian Joel (local councillor), Lavanya (from the shop) and Janet Moore (customer).

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