Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Residents' comments at Old Buckenham parish council meeting

Public recess discussions in April
This item has been written by the blog editor from notes supplied by the parish clerk.
A resident raised the matter of Chapel Road School and had met with a representative of NCC who said he had some sympathy for residents of Old Buckenham regarding the construction of the new school. Also a representative from Norfolk County Council (NCC) was willing to come to an Old Buckenham Parish Council meeting. It was reported than, when schools restart in September, an audit of people crossing road at school times will be carried out. The matter was raised of the new 20mph flashing speed signs and the parish council having to pay 50% of the cost rather than NCC paying in full for them. He also said that NCC had indicated that in the financial year 2016/17 NCC would pay 50% of cost of resurfacing the Village Hall car park. There was also a possibility of a crossing lady. He would also look into the matter of the private access to the school. It was suggested that when the new Parish Council is known, a working party be formed to monitor events relating to the school. Another resident thanked the Parish Council for all their work over the last four years.

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