Sunday, 12 April 2015

All sorts of music in Old Buckenham

Performed by the Liquorice Allsorts Clarinet Quartet
All Saints Church in Old Buckenham is a wonderful place to go to musical performances, even though the wooden pews do feel rather hard if the music goes on for too long. Last night the music was performed by a quartet of female clarinet players, a combination you won't come across that often.

The four ladies, Biddy Vogel, Sally Wallace-Jones, Pauline Dixon and Sue Wensley play together in the Bridgham and Harling Concert Band and are proud to wear smart, suitably patterned, waistcoats for these other concerts.The compere for the evening was John Wallace-Jones who gave a short description of each item to be played to allow the ladies to get they breath back between pieces.
The music varied across a wide range of composers. There was Handel, Schumann, Mozart, Greig, Bizet and Brahms mixed up with Scott Joblin and Ringo Starr. Three Blind Mice found their way into concert as well as the Tedd Bears' Picnic.
A very pleasant evening which also raised some useful money for the church.

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