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Old Buckenham parish council in April

April parish council meeting
These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is changed at a later date.
Six members of the public attended the April meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council. Three councillors (John Frost, Derek Smalley and Akis Chrisoviledes) were unable to attend and sent their apologies.
The meeting was suspended for a short while to allow members of the public to ask questions. A note on these discussions will appear on the blog tomorrow.
Minutes of February Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.
Chapel Road School update. Steve Milner said John Alston’s death was sad and he had asked Norfolk County Council (NCC) what effect this would have on construction. He was informed that all documents had not yet been signed and no changes to access. There is an application for discharge of certain conditions in the original application relating to traffic management during construction. Construction is now expected to commence in August 2015. Steve Milner then said the archaeological dig on the site was now complete and the ground returned to normal. There had been no construction work undertaken whilst the archaeological digging was being done. Adrian Joel said Mr Hayes of NCC is holding back on car parking and the parish council should take the matter forward with him. Steve Milner informed the meeting that Mr Hayes was not prepared to discuss the matter anymore. It was agreed that a resident and Adrian Joel would meet with Mr Bygraves to raise matter of access to drop off children at school times.
Neighbourhood Plan update. Jonathan Kemp reported that Adrian Joel and himself had attended a one day Norfolk Council's neighbourhood planning workshop held at Breckland council offices. This workshop covered the mechanism for producing a plan, the content of a plan, the costs and available funding to produce a plan, the support and advice available to parish/town councils and the opportunities for drawing on the community infrastructure levy (CIL). During the day there were presentations from the Department for Communities and Local Government, consultants ABZAG, Breckland Council, Broadland Council, The Broads Authority, North Norfolk Council, South Norfolk Council, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Council. There were also presentations from a representative from the Great and Little Plumsted/Thorpe End Neighbourhood Plan and the Cringleford Neighbourhood Plan. It was said that Breckland is about to appoint a neighbourhood planning advisor.
Road safety. Steve Milner said a number of near misses had been recorded at the school and a log was being kept of such incidents by the schools and that the parish council should monitor this. The 20mph speed signs were now installed. Tom Johnson suggested that extra 30mph speed signs be installed to show the end of the 20mph zone. The clerk will speak to Highways on the matter. The Parish Council now have 50% funding for a SAM2 mobile speed sign. The children at the primary school have completed their poster campaign for road safety and Steve Milner would like some parish councillors to come with him to the school to judge winners. He is also looking also for sponsorship as four of the winners will have their entry printed for display in the village.
Car parking. Steve Milner said that the whole matter was moving forward and the village hall parking had raised £1,900 for the maintenance fund. Quotes have been received for resurfacing just the beginning of the car park and the cost was approximately £4,000. The working party was still meeting regarding a planning application for 50 extra parking spaces and, if it went ahead, the Parish Council would submit the planning application on behalf of the Village Hall. Ongoing consultations with residents are still taking place in regard to parking at the village hall. A letter will go in the next newsletter to obtain residents’ views before proceeding to see if grant funding was available.
Planning applications. Redroof, Cake Street. Single storey extension to front of bungalow, changes to internal layout and provision of first floor attic bedroom. There were no objections from the parish council.
Chapel Road School. Remove condition 7 on the Traffic Management System. The traffic plan would now allow vehicles to go through the village, possibly along Hargham Road. Steve Milner is to speak to Neil Campbell on the matter.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Roughlands, Grove Road. Amendment to previous application in respect of the removal of first floor element and revision of footprint. Permission granted.
Rodwells, Attleborough Road. Demolish existing garage building and replace with single storey side extension to dwelling. Permission granted.

Airbase at Old Buckenham Airfield. New museum and separate sanitary block. Each housed in separate new Nissen huts. Permission granted.
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner reported that Tim Ing and himself had made good the previous parking area by the play area/Ox & Plough and so it is now no longer a parking area.
District Councillor’s report. Breckland has agreed not to increase council tax. Several villages have submitted their proposals to Breckland to carry out neighbourhood plans with other villages showing an interest. Breckland are going to employ an officer to be a single point of contact to assist parishes that are starting or considering a neighbourhood plan. Grants of up to £4,000 will be available. Breckland will be setting up a joint venture company with the Land Group LLP to drive long term regeneration within the district. The new company will be called Breckland Bridge Ltd. Initially the company will focus on delivery of Thetford’s Riverside regeneration together with housing developments in Mileham and Attleborough. It is anticipated this will create jobs and provide new housing for communities across Breckland and boost the district economy.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson raised the question of the verges at St Andrews Close and asked when they were going to be widened. Adrian Joel said it is being worked through Breckland and Norfolk County Council and it should be done soon. Tim Ing raised the matter of speeding in Grove Road and asked if speed restrictions could be introduced. The Parish Clerk is to speak to Highways on the matter. Tim Ing then thanked the parish councillors for all their hard work over the last eight years including his time as chairman and wished good luck to those standing again. Carol Marshall said work was continuing on the Almshouses and hopefully it would be completed in May with new roofs and windows. The next phase will be subject to obtaining funding to complete more modifications and improvements. Steve Milner said that he had given the wrong information regarding submission of nomination papers for the forthcoming parish council election. He originally said they had to be submitted by Saturday 25 April but the correct date was Thursday 9 April. He then thanked Tim Ing for all his years of service on the Parish Council. Adrian Joel had attended a meeting on play area legislation and said the parish council should be responsible for fulfilling its legal obligations. The Parish Clerk is to contact Norfolk Rural Community Council to obtain details of the presentation given at the meeting.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Parish Clerk said he had sent out two new policy documents which should be read as they will be coming up at May meeting for adoption. He then thanked all those councillors who are not standing at the next election for their service to the parish council and the support that they had given him.
Highways. The sign on the bend in Cake Street near Old Buckenham Stud shows two junctions but the junction runs up to the Stud which is not a road. In Cake Street, opposite Harlingwood Lane, the triangular sign shows a junction and that junction leads into someone’s drive. A resident thanked Breckland Council for the quick removal of rubbish in Doe Lane within 48 hours of it being reported.
The Green. A meeting will be held on Saturday 25 April at the Village Hall starting at 10am to discuss a way forward to maintain the Green in the future and to create a new charitable body so they can hopefully obtain grant funding. Tim Ing raised the matter of an insurance claim outside the Gamekeeper and Sarah Dye said the Green right Proprietors’ insurers were dealing with matter.
The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 7 May at 7.30pm at the Church Rooms.

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