Saturday, 11 April 2015

New parish councillors for Old Buckenham

Result of elections
There were not more nominations than available places for the election of parish councillors for the parish of Old Buckenham that was due to take place on Thursday 7 May. The following have therefore been duly elected for Old Buckenham and will formally become parish councillors once the polls have closed at 10pm on Thursday 7 May.
Members of the existing parish council will meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 7 May in the Church Rooms.
The new council is now expected to meet on Wednesday 13 May in the Church Rooms for their AGM and to elect a chairman and vice chairman with their first 'ordinary' meeting taking place on Thursday 4 June.

Rona Boggia, The Joules, Crown Rd, Old Buckenham, NR17 1SD

Tim Bornett, 4A Hargham Close, Old Buckenham, Norfolk, NR17 1SJ

Terry Cracknell, The Coach House, The Green, Old Buckenham, NR17 1SW

Ben Devlin, Ox and Plough, The Green, Old Buckenham, NR17 1RN

Mike Farrington, Puddled Cottage, Puddledock, Old Buckenham, NR17 1NL

Sarah Hornbrook, 2 Chapel Loke, Old Buckenham, NR17 1PY

Adrian Joel, 9 Hargham Road, Old Buckenham, NR17 1SL

Tom Johnson, Little Goblyns, Old Buckenham, NR17 1PQ

Jonathan Kemp, 44 Hargham Road, Old Buckenham, NR17 1SN

Carol Marshall, 5 Barbers Yard, The Green, Old Buckenham, NR17 1RW

Stephen Milner, Fig Tree Cottage, Stacksford, Old Buckenham, NR17 1PD

1 comment:

John Davison said...

Today the 21/08/15 the pond at the Game Keeper is in the process of having its ecological habit, wildlife habitat and shelter for the ducks trashed !!! over seen by one of the Old Buckenham parish councilors and sanctioned by him.

I understand and realize that this area has had a lack of maintenance and management, but to rip everything out with a 360 tracked machine with total disregard for resident wildlife and habitat is disgraceful.

The ducks and ducklings have been killed on the road in the past and unfortunately this may occur in the future, but residents do care about them
but the speeding traffic is a separate issue and should in no way be used as part justification for whats occurring.

I know vegetation will regrow, and planting other varieties of plants would be of benefit but this could have been and should have been done as a phased
management plan, thus minimizing the impact to the current habitat.

It is such a shame that this action has occurred and has been managed in my opinion so badly.