Monday, 12 March 2012

Social and Wine Circle

Working in Wyoming
There was a high attendance in the Church Rooms in Old Buckenham on Thursday 8 March to hear the local Rector David Hill give an illustrated talk on his family visit to Wyoming USA last year. He officiated each Sunday during August in a tiny wooden chapel located 6000 feet up a mountain in Jackson Hole close to the famous Snake River. In idyllic surroundings in the shadow of the Teton Mountains, David was locum priest for the Chapel of the Transfiguration where there was an impressive turnout for the Sunday services. With 60 to 80 attending the 8am service and well in excess of 100 at the 10am service, the mass attendance was well in excess of the local population.
The trip also afforded David, his wife Kate and the boys to experience the glorious and impressive sightseeing including the Yellowstone National Park and the local rodeo. The beauty and magnificence of the area was illustrated with some excellent photographs accompanied by David’s informative narrative with the usual funny anecdotes thrown in. Their trip also had a nostalgic twist for the first slide shown was that of diary entries of Kate’s mother dated the 24th to the 26th of August 1951 when she too had been in Jackson Hole.
The next meeting of the Old Buckenham Social and Wine Circle will be on Thursday 12 April in the Church Rooms at 7.45pm. In a change to the previously published programme,
the evening will be a talk and presentation given by Easton Coaches on their history and the services that they can offer.

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