Sunday, 25 March 2012

Players say thank you

Light entertainment
Around three year's ago it became obvious to Old Buckenham Players that  the stage lighting equipment installed at Old Buckenham Village Hall was getting to the end of its useful (and safe) life. Now, after much fundraising, the new equipment and lighting rigs have been installed and the Players felt it was appropriate to say thank you to all those involved.
This thank you took the form of an evening's  "light entertainment", provided free to all who wanted to come along and enjoy it.
After a couple of introductory speeches from the Players' chairman Laurence Barnett and from Lynda Turner (Breckland Council Member for Localism, Community and Environmental Services) to explain the background and where all the money (over £10,000) had come from, the entertainment started.
There was a mixture of short sketches, songs and 'radio plays' to enjoy over the next couple of hours. A break was taken to savour homemade cakes provided by the Old Buckenham Women's Institute and to distribute the prizes from a worthwhile raffle.
Most of the cast managed to get on stage for the final radio play "This was their finest flower", an item so full of vegetable puns that it was impossible to keep up with them.
After the final curtain, a further thank you to all involved was given by Jill Emms from the Village Hall Committee.
If there was anything disappointing about the evening it was the lack of Old Buckenham people who bothered to come along and support the event. If, as Jill Emms suggested, they had stopped at home to watch so-called talent shows on television then they certainly missed seeing some of the great talent that exists on their own doorstep.

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