Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Results of the Old Buckenham quiz

Quiz statistics
There was some careful counting up of points before the winners of the village quiz held on Friday 16 March were announced as being ‘Table 7’. This turned out to be the Women’s Institute A team who had 79 points (out of a possible 110), just one point in front of ‘Table 9’. Close behind were ‘Table 10’ and ‘Table 11’, both with 75 points.
Perhaps it is better to keep the teams anonymous for those sharing last place who were teams 5 and 17, each with 51 points.
Team 10 was the only team to achieve a perfect score of 10 on a round which they managed on “It happened in 2011”. Team 20 achieved the highest score of 17 out of 20 on the word equations table quiz.

Thanks need to go to Roy and Pat for all their work in setting the questions and keeping all the scores. As mentioned in the earlier post on this quiz, one of the most important numbers for the evening was the £210 raised for village hall funds.

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