Sunday, 29 November 2015

Treasure Quest around in Old Buckenham

Finding a clue in Puddledock
Puddledock is in the parish of Old Buckenham although near the northern boundary. Clue 3 on today's edition of the BBC Radio Norfolk Treasure Quest programme led to Puddledock and the road sign that points out that it is not served by any buses. The search for this sign proved a little entertaining with the radio car whizzing past within a couple of yards before doing a tour of country lanes involving both Attleborough and central Old Buckenham.
Eventually the clue was found and the car was off on its way again around Norfolk. And despite the time taken getting to the location at Puddledock, the final treasure was found in Watton just before noon with a mere thirty seconds left.


New Year 2016 said...

Hope this clue really helps.

Rog said...

Well you got a nice wave in Puzzledock Mr Editor!