Saturday, 1 August 2015

Day one at Old Buckenham Airshow

Fun in the sun
The blog editor knows that taking photographs of fast moving aeroplanes is a skilled activity so he has chosen to mainly show pictures of more slow moving objects at the first day of the Old Buckenham Airshow.
The car park started to fill up early and there was a regular flow of people though the entrance gates. There were lots of things to do before the flying display in the afternoon. You could go for a helicopter ride, sit in a very large car while it drove over some other cars, examine various classic cars, look at some classic aircraft, enjoy an alcoholic drink in the shade of the trees or just sit down and wait for the display to start.

Eventually it was time to wend your way back to the car park, start on a journey home and to savour the enjoyable day that you have had.

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