Thursday, 19 March 2015

Old Buckenham's young scientists

Science week at Primary School
Old Buckenham Primary School has been buzzing with excitement during their ‘full on’ Science Week.  Activities have included visits to Old Buckenham Airfield to fly planes the children had made, pond dipping, DNA Activity, a wind turbine workshop, a visit to the local windmill, talking about the solar eclipse, bridge building and a minibeast hunt to name a few of them.

Wednesday 18 March saw a group of reception class children together with some of the older children from Buckenham Pre-school walking to All Saints Church with some of their favourite toys fitted with homemade parachutes. With the help of churchwarden John Frost and teacher Amanda Cockburn at the top of the church tower, the toys were launched into space. Some floated gently to the ground while others had a rather faster descent.

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Rog said...

Now THERE'S a sight you don't see every day!