Saturday, 14 March 2015

Best of Old Buckenham photos in February

Prizes for top three
Photographers taking part in the Old Buckenham project to ensure that a picture is taken in the village every day throughout 2105 gathered at the Ox & Plough this lunchtime to see which three images had been judged as the best during February. The runners up were Jonathon Kemp with his picture of his two children walking down Raggs Lane and Ron Brewer for his portrayal of the monthly WI meeting.
First prize of a bottle of wine went to Roger Peacock who had posted a picture on Tuesday 10 February of Venuka at the door of her village shop. 
If you would like to look at all the photographs that have been taken so far this year then go to
where you can click on the month's images and then go back to previous months. 
Here are the winners being presented with their prizes (including prints of their pictures) by Doris Monkhouse, vice-president of Old Buckenham WI.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely project! I look in from time to time even though I've not visited OB for a few years now but got to know it well when my in-laws retired to Hargham Road. Lovely to see so many different aspects of the life of the village. Cathryn Hall