Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Entertaining WI in Old Buckenham

Members do the talking
The WI February meeting proved to be a surprise.  The expected speaker cancelled in the late afternoon - no time to book another. Thanks to three of the members (and Ron Brewer who had come to the hall to take photographs for the village 365 project) they had a most enjoyable evening.

Bev Giles told a heart warming story of adopting a new rescue dog after their beloved pet died late last year. He was her husband’s soul mate and so very much missed that she decided to try and find a dog of the same breed – a Munsterlander – a German gun dog rather like a spaniel but with longer legs. She took members through her experiences in contacting the Munsterlander Rescue Agency and was eventually offered a five year old dog which has already conquered their hearts.
Doris Monkhouse had everyone laughing with her stories of some of the first Norfolk WI Holidays. These started in 1983 and were usually spent in student accommodation at the universities – no en-suites in those days. 
Ron read two of Cyril Fletcher’s Odd Odes and Susan recited two poems, one of which ‘The Caithness Self lift Chair’ told the story of escape from an old folks home by means of a flying chair.
All were reminded of the special Open Evening at the Village Hall to celebrate the WI Centenary. It will be on Saturday 25 April at 7.30pm and all are welcome.

At the meeting on Thursday 26 March Lynford Brunt will be talking about the work of a magistrate. In April Janet Clark will be describing her work in Gambia and on Thursday 28 May there will be discussions on the resolutions to go to the WI Annual General Meeting.

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