Saturday, 21 March 2015

Number 1 pop group coming to Old Buckenham

Remember Chicory Tip?
On Saturday 22 August there will be a dance in Old Buckenham Village Hall with music performed by a group that once really was ‘Top of the Pops’.
Chicory Tip are best known for their worldwide number 1 single from 1972, "Son Of My Father," but they also had two other British Top 20 hits - "What's Your Name" and "Good Grief Christina." Although they charted just three times, their recording career spanned five years from 1970 from the first single, "Monday After Sunday," to the final 45, one of their best ever tracks, "Survivor." Since then some of the band members still perform for various special occasions.
One of our villagers, David Sallnow, knew the group in their earlier days and they provided the music at celebrations a few years ago for his 60th birthday. So he and his wife, Jenny, are now sponsoring this one-off concert/dance in Old Buckenham Village Hall later this year.
This will be a ‘not to be missed’ event so put the date, Saturday 22 August, in your diary now. If you are too young to remember this group then you can see them performing on YouTube by going to:

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