Saturday, 13 April 2013

Old Buckenham to Nepal

Notes from our intrepid explorer
David Hannah has sent back a couple of reports from faraway Nepal. Look back at the post on Tuesday 19 March to get the background on this visit.
A photograph has also arrived back in the UK to prove that they are there.

Greetings from Namche Bazaar, a market town at about 3400mtrs.
Having a great time so far & managing to stay well. We had an 'interesting' couple of days in Kathmandu, which is a wild and chaotic place, very narrow streets full of people, rickshaws, lorries, cows, etc. The atmosphere is amazing. The down side is that I'm sure the poverty and pollution have worsened.
Due to high winds at Lukla our flight was delayed by 5hrs. Believe me winds at Lukla ARE a problem. We eventually got away for an 'exciting' flight'  & landed safely. Sheila (who is with us & has been many times to Lukla) said it was the scariest flight she had ever been on. Due to the delay we had to trek quickly to our first lodge. Today in order to make up time we've trekked further than we planned, so we've arrived in Namche rather tired but in good spirits. The trek up was wonderful, trekking through little villages, children singing to us; giving us flowers as we passed by. Walked along rivers, over very high wire strung bridges, etc. The trail is very dusty, temperature has been about 28degs, but gets cold after about 4pm.
Staying at this altitude for 2-3 days now to acclimatise before going higher.
Had a great day walking. We walked to 3800mtrs, to visit Kumgumg; visited the school founded by Sir Edmund Hillary. Then on to Kunde to visit the hospital also founded by Sir E.H. We then dropped back down to Namche. The day started up warm, but we ended up walking in snow, which seemed quite appropriate. We seem to be acclimatising quite well to the altitude although the uphill bits are hard work, and the effects can be a little strange ie when I asked if anyone had seen my bag someone replied "Yes, it's still on your back!!" haha
The people are really friendly greeting you with 'Namaste" (hello) as we pass their homes & villages.
Tomorrow we're off for Thame.
Probably won't have internet coverage now for the next week.

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