Saturday, 27 April 2013

Gardening event in Old Buckenham

Mostly indoor gardening
Today was the day of the 'Gardening Event' organised by the village hall as a fund raiser. It is an annual happening and this year the weather meant that those selling plants outside did not have to worry about whether they were well watered. The sun did break through now and then but there were also some very heavy showers, particularly around midday. 
Inside the hall there were more stalls selling things such as homemade jams and chutney while you could also sit down and enjoy tea, coffee and homemade cakes when it was too wet to go outside.
There was also a photographic competition in the small hall with six classes, all with a gardening theme.

(click on this last picture and you can see why the stallholder was sheltering in his vehicle)

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