Friday, 19 April 2013

Old Buckenham and garden bugs

Breckland Flower and Garden Club
'Garden Bugs' was the title of Dr Ian Bedford's talk with slides at the first meeting of the Club's new year. A research entomologist, Dr Bedford showed pictures and talked about a great variety of bugs which can be found on our gardens - some beneficial such as ladybirds and their larvae which feast on aphids and the harmful ones which can pass on diseases each time they insert their mouthpiece into each plant. He explained that we are getting all sorts of harmful insects from overseas - brought in on exotic produce or pallets and vehicles - which have no natural enemies to help keep them under control. One comfort is that the harlequin ladybird which was predicted to decimate the native population has not had such a great impact as feared but the worrying news is of the Spanish slug - a real thug - which breeds twice as quickly as our own slugs. If discovered he recommends placing them in a bucket of salty water and bleach.
The competition results for this month were: Old Hands was won by Sylvia Briggs (and the trophy for best exhibit) and the New Hands by Alison Vivian who also came first in the table show with her vase of spring flowers.
The May meeting of Breckland Flower and Garden Club will take place at Old Buckenham Village Hall on Thursday 9 May starting at 2pm when David Wright will demonstrate 'Forever Chasing Dreams'. The competition title is 'Blossom', the monthly trophy to be awarded for the best use of garden foliage and for the table show will be for 'one stem of blossom'.
Visitors are always welcome to these meetings and further details can be obtained from Sally on 788712.

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