Saturday, 29 October 2011

Renewable energy event

Community and domestic energy schemes

With electricity, oil and gas prices continuing to climb and talk circulating of much less favourable terms for installing renewable energy schemes in the new financial year, the Old Buckenham Village Environment and Recycling Group (VERG) has arranged a Saturday morning session to look at possible domestic schemes but also investigate the feasibility of a community scheme centred on one of the community buildings in the village - the village hall, or one of the schools. Damien Baker of RenEnergy Ltd will explain what needs to be considered, how to design, plan, finance and maintain renewable energy schemes using whatever technology suits the site. For a community scheme the community can invest and divide up the proceeds, or it can use third party investment. He will also explain how it all works and how it could help the village reduce its carbon footprint.
Everyone is welcome to this meeting, whether their interest is purely with their own property, or in a community solution. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Representatives of other companies are being invited to attend and offer information also.
The event will be on Saturday 12 November in the main hall at the village hall. There will be free entry, coffee and tea (donations to costs if desired). It will open at 10.30am with the RenEnergy presentation at 11am. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the whole range of alternative technology solutions, explained in simple, understandable terms and should provide an opportunity to see if you could save yourself money by installing some appropriate equipment.

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