Thursday, 20 October 2011

Council minutes

Parish Council in October
Two members of the public were present and apologies received from two councillors, Sarah Windle and Sarah Dye.
The minutes of the September Parish Council Meeting were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. There were no matters arising from the minutes.
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Adrian Joel said Breckland Council were holding a meeting regarding funding of the Diamond celebrations. John Frost said the church had been asked to hold some form of celebration. It was said that the meeting at the Village Hall had suggested the date of Tuesday 5 June as a day for holding the celebrations in Old Buckenham. Derek Smalley said an item should be put in the newsletter asking for suggestions to how best celebrate the occasion. The Parish Clerk is to contact local organisations to seek their views and see if they wish to join a working party being set up by the Parish Clerk.
Norfolk Village Games. It was agreed that the village would offer the use of the Recreation Area for this event. Jonathan Kemp to liaise with Breckland Council on the matter and report back to the Parish Council.

‘Funeral’ notice board. Derek Smalley showed the Parish Council the recently purchased notice board for the children’s play area which will enable details of funerals to be posted on appropriate days. The Parish Council thanked Derek Smalley for sourcing the board.
Attleborough development. Derek Smalley, Tim Ing and Adrian Joel attended a recent meeting of Attleborough Town Council. At the meeting it appeared there was a conflict of ideas between different parties Derek Smalley said that Attleborough Town Council has finally realised that a lot of houses are going to be built without proper infrastructure. Tim Ing said the Parish Council needs to consider the feelings of residents of the village and how these new houses will impact on the village. Derek Smalley said concerns were raised about the traffic levels on the B1077, schools, medical facilities,etc. The Parish Clerk is to write to the Town Clerk of Attleborough Town Council on the concerns of Old Buckenham.
Planning applications. Ox & Plough, outside signs. No objections from Parish Council.
59 Fen Street, Change of use for land from agriculture to garden. No objections from Parish Council but with a proviso that land not be used for future development.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. New Barn Farm. Installation of two small wind generators. Passed.
Abacus House, The Green. New rear sunroom extensions. Passed.
The Coal Yard. Erection of fuel storage building. Passed.
Crown Lane Cottage. Variation of conditions to earlier planning application. Passed.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel reported on the Jubilee Wood scheme being organised by Breckland Council. They are inviting community groups to come forward with proposed locations for the woods. He had also attended a new planning guidelines meeting and the effect on Breckland. They will now have to produce a local plan and Town and Parish Councils will be able to produce a neighbourhood plan which will be needed to be voted on by residents as more consideration will be given to residents’ views.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson said he had attended a meeting of the Village Hall management committee on in September and one of their main concerns was the lighting project which will have a shortfall in funding of some £2,000 and would Parish Council underwrite this. He also attended another meeting in October and the major concern was parking. They wondered if the Parish Council was going to build their car parking spaces at the Recreation Area. Tim Ing said the parking area was to be the grass verge facing the Recreation Area. John Frost said that residents stop at the edge of the normal car park and do not use the verge. Mats similar to those on the allotments were suggested but Tim Ing informed the meeting they would cost approximately £500 and a better solution was for signs to be erected on fence. Derek Smalley would look into the costs. Derek Smalley informed the meeting that one more welcome pack has been delivered. He then said there was a planning application in for 17 properties on the edge of Attleborough which he felt impacted on Old Buckenham. The Parish Clerk to write to Attleborough on the matter. Jonathan Kemp said the Recreation Area working party had looked at equipment and now had a preferred supplier and they would bring quotes to November meeting for approval. Akis Chrisovelides is looking at the Bribery Act 2012 and the impact it would have on the Parish Council. He is currently undertaking a risk assessment and is hoping to complete it ready for next meeting. He then went on to say there are two youth councils set up but setting up a village one is very complicated and could be very expensive. Akis Chrisovelides will be setting up an open forum meeting in December for young people to come to and express their views and suggestions. Adrian Joel raised the question of vehicles ignoring the weight limits in Hargham Road. The Parish Clerk explained it was very difficult to get them enforced by police. He then raised the matter of an allotment holder who had requested to erect a poly tunnel on their allotment. Tim Ing and Adrian Joel had visited the site and said they thought it should be allowed. A meeting of the Allotment Liaison Group had taken place and various items were discussed. Adrian Joel then distributed copies of the draft tenancy agreements for the year 2011/12 and asked for the views of other councillors before they are sent out. He then handed out copies of an email from Old Buckenham Allotment Society covering some points in the new tenancy agreement. Tim Ing is to read the water meter on the allotments and costs to be sent out to allotment holders. Tim Ing then raised the matter of maintenance equipment for the play area. It was explained that for the play area to acquire the grant, the Parish Council would have to purchase the equipment then have it refunded as a grant. He also informed the meeting that reflector posts had been placed alongside the footway close to the war memorial.
Highways. Road marking which had been promised by Norfolk CC Highways had not yet been done. The Parish Clerk to speak to the Highways Engineer on the matter. There is a water leak at Shrublands Farm entrance on the B1077 going towards Attleborough near Puddledock Corner. The Parish Clerk to inform Anglian Water.
The Green. Tim Ing said the latest meeting of Green Rights Proprietors had been cancelled and they hope to have one in December. Tom Johnson said a couple of trees had fallen down on the Green, Tim Ing said this was the responsibility of the Green Rights Proprietors and the Parish Clerk is to contact them on the matter.
The next parish council meeting will be on Thursday 3 November at the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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