Monday, 17 October 2011

Behind the tv quiz scene

Mastermind in the Church Rooms
The inside story of television quiz shows was uncovered when Roger Canwell came to talk to the Old Buckenham Social and Wine Circle at their October meeting. Roger didn’t go to university after her left grammar school but when he retired from a job in accountancy he decided to go to UEA and do a history degree after all.
His first attempt at quiz shows saw him eventually get on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ after many phone calls. He described the time spent at the recording studio and how his first appearance was short-lived as he had not got the ‘fasted finger’. But having enjoyed the experience he managed to get on the programme again winning £1000 as he panicked and used up all his lifelines when he should have trusted his own memory.
Next he tried his luck on ‘Mastermind’. A first round win with a specialist subject of the late Stuart age led to the semi-finals where he was able to use his favourite subject of Norwich City Football Club. Here again he was successful and so appeared in the final. He found his chosen specialist subject of Britain between two World Wars was perhaps too wide-ranging and he eventually finished fifth out of the six finalists.
Many questions were then put to Roger and he explained how it was not easy to keep quiet after the programmes had been recorded but before they were shown on television. He also admitted thinking about what subject he would choose if he were to enter again.

The next meeting will be in the Church Rooms on Thursday 10 November beginning with a short AGM at 7.15pm followed by a talk on our local heritage by Cliff Amos.

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