Friday, 18 March 2016

Old Buckenham's telecommunications saga

The tangled web
Now nearly all those 152 Old Buckenham residents affected by the destruction of the roadside telecommunication cabinets in Cake Street near the junction with Ragmere Road are now back on line.
Here is a short history of the saga, illustrated by pictures. 
Thursday 3 March. Around 10.30pm, a car travelling from the New Buckenham direction failed to negotiate the bend while entering Cake Street and demolished both the telecommunications cabinets on the verge. The emergency services attended including the police, ambulance, fire brigade and a recovery vehicle. 
Friday 4 March. Openreach staff come in the morning to assess the damage.

Monday 7 March. More looking at the site and some basic tidying up.
Friday 11 March. Junction controlled by traffic lights to provide a safe area to work. Vehicles galore and many workers arrive and start clearing up bits of cable and wiring as well sorting out concrete bases for new cabinets.

Saturday 12 March. Contractors on site to sort out electric supply to cabinets.

Monday 13 March. More people on site to connect up all the wires. Majority of the 152 people in the village who had been disconnected able to use their landline phones for the first time in ten days.

Tuesday 14 March. By late afternoon most people able to connect to the internet again.

Friday 18 March. There are reports of a few individuals still not having everything back to normal. 


Rog said...

Well done Mr Editor. I couldn't read this post without thinking of these lyrics.
I'm pleased the last verse didn't come to fruition!

Daniel Kerry said...

Ron Gorman still has no phone line available BTOpenreach say it may be another 2 weeks!

Jann said...

We still have no phone line either. The message we have had, is it should be fixed by Wednesday this week....i won't hold my breath!