Sunday, 13 March 2016

Latest from Old Buckenham

Parish Council in March
Three parish councillors (Jonathan Kemp, Adrian Joel and Graham Hart) were unable to attend and had sent their apologies. There were sevenmembers of the public present.
Public recess. A resident raised the matter of an email that he had sent which had not been replied to. He gave a document to the Parish Council which included five points he wanted acknowledged in the minutes. They were HGVs using Hargham Road and his email of December requesting copy of letter to Police on matter, potholes on the footpath leading off Hargham Road to the Post Office Store asking for it to be rectified by who is responsible for its upkeep, the road drain situated at the top of the Green between Tamworth House and the Hawthorns which has been blocked for some considerable time and no action seems to have been taken, the proposed housing development in Fen Street and asked if the residents concerns along with Parish Council’s concerns had been formally responded to. He wanted agenda items that have been discussed, addressed and resolved be listed for the past seven meetings and formally included in minutes. A resident raised the matter of flooding down Cake Street and Steve Milner said Highways would be dealing with the matter. A resident raised the matter of planning applications and said over past 40 odd years only 45 houses had been built in Old Buckenham. He said more need to be built to encourage support of local businesses and encourage young people to move to the village. Steve Milner responded referring to the Neighbourhood Plan which will look at housing development in the village. Three residents said they would be willing to join the Neighbourhood Plan working party which would also look at lack of footpaths and insufficient infrastructure. A resident raised the matter of the hedge in Cake Street and asked for an update. Steve Milner said he had inspected the hedge but it needs more measures to make the junction safe.
Minutes of February Parish Council meeting. After a small amendment the minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. There were no matters arising from the minutes
Planning applications. Asparagus Field, Cake Street. Erection of new dwelling and garage. Proposed and seconded and agreed, no objections.
25 Oaklands, Single-storey front and rear extensions, enlarge front dormer and remove all flat roofs to pitch roofs. Proposed and seconded and agreed unanimously, no objections.
5 Fen Street. Oak-framed cart lodge and garage and store room. Proposed and seconded and agreed unanimously, no objections.
The Clowns House, Church Lane. Extension to ground floor, single-storey rear lobby to incorporate new WC and boiler room. Proposed and seconded and agreed unanimously, no objections.
Adoption of Child Protection Policy. Steve Milner said some amendments were needed so an item will be put on April agenda.
Adoption of Environmental Policy. After amending section 3 to read Old Buckenham Parish Council, it was proposed and seconded and agreed with 5 for and 2 abstentions to adopt the policy
Adoption of Digital and Social media Policy. Proposed and seconded and agreed with 5 for and 2 abstentions to adopt the policy.
Village Hall Grant. The Village Hall Management Committee had been awarded a grant of £3,500 for insulation of the building but now cannot get funding to complete the project. They had asked the Parish Council if they could use the money for another project for which they may be able to obtain other grant funding. It was proposed and seconded and agreed with 6 for and 1 abstention that the village hall should return the money. The Parish Clerk is to arrange.
Parish maintenance tasks. Ben Devlin suggested that a log be kept of allocated tasks and then a monthly report brought back to the parish council of what progress had been made during the past month on these allocated tasks. All councillors will be asked to send in five tasks that should be carried out and then the log to be brought to the council meeting each month. The Parish Clerk to send an email to all councillors on the matter. (Ben Devlin then left the meeting)
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner had attended a stakeholder meeting on the Chapel Road School. The Alston estate issues are now resolved and it is all systems go. The project needs to go to tender again and the forecast is for building to start in May. It was emphasised that all traffic, right from the start, enters the site from Attleborough Road. Access road restriction, Chris Haines of Norfolk County Council has stated that the access road restrictions will not be removed. There is no capital allocation to infrastructure and no measures will be taken to improve the existing traffic problems. No traffic forecasts will be accepted and the effect of the new school on traffic will be assessed when the school is open. The heads of the schools are sympathetic to the problems the village has but despite a strongly worded statement from the parish council chairman, no movement from the position was achieved. The Woman’s Tour of Britain will be passing through Old Buckenham on Wednesday 15 June. To continue last year’s Tour of Britain legacy. a cycling festival is being planned for the weekend of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September. This will include criterium races on the same circuit around the Green as last year, a long distance sportive starting and finishing in Old Buckenham and small scale cycling events for local people. This hopefully will be accompanied with a fun fair, stalls, beer tent teas and cakes.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Carol Marshall said that village garage sale will take place on Sunday 15 May and then asked if a contractor for the Recreation Area had been agreed. Steve Milner responded on this matter. Sarah Hornbrook said the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party would be meeting early in March. The main topic would be the drafting of a village survey. She is in contact with the ex-Parish Clerk of Cringleford Parish Council who has experience of neighbourhood plans who will come and speak to the working party. More volunteers were also needed for the working party and they hope to have the survey ready for May this year. Terry Cracknell said that following the Annual Parish meeting he would be holding a breakfast meeting at the village hall on Saturday 19 March with three items on the agenda and everyone was invited. Tom Johnson said at a recent Village Hall meeting he had a discussion with three residents of the Almshouses about the heating not being on all the time. Carol Marshall responded with the times that the heating was switched on, and Tom Johnson replied that perhaps the heating should be on all the time. Tom Johnson then raised the matter of an accident near his house when a car collided with a tree because of mud on road along with turkey droppings. The Parish Clerk said that landowners are responsible for clearing mud on the roads caused by their vehicles.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Clerk read out a letter and an email from a resident in response to Parish Council’s letter regarding flooding in Ragmere Road. His reply contained details of work being carried out on the weir and the lake. The person who is actually doing the work on the lake gave details of all work carried out so far over the last two years.
Highways. Potholes reported in Stacksford outside The Cottage and some smaller ones further along the road. A kerb is needed on the corner of the play area leading toward the Ox & Plough as the verge is being severely damaged. The Parish Clerk is to speak to Highways.
The Green. The AGM of the Green Right Proprietors was held recently and it was reported that Sarah Dye would be standing down. Tom Johnson asked what resident’s offer on the agenda meant. Steve Milner responded saying it related to the dispute as to the legal ownership of the Green. It was suggested that the Parish Council should support the general maintenance of the Green. Terry Cracknell said the Green was being set up as a charity in conjunction with the Parish Counciland Steve Milner suggested asking Sarah Dye to attend the April meeting of the Parish Council. The Parish Clerk will contact her about this.
Public Recess. A resident raised the matter of the County Council being informed of vehicle accidents in the village and asked what Parish Council could do about it. Steve Milner suggested Tom Johnson raise the matter at the next SNAP meeting. Mike Bartlett said he would report the accidents to Norfolk County Council. A resident suggested having a police representative. A resident raised the matter of heavy vehicles going up on the verge in Crown Road and two residents have put large logs on the verges to stop them. A resident raised the matter of the ditch at the entrance to the school being full of rubbish. Years ago the probation service offered young people to come to villages to carry out work but the Parish Clerk informed the meeting that the scheme had been stopped years ago. A resident suggested asking the school to clear out the ditch and the Parish Clerk will speak to the school on the matter. A resident reported a blocked drain at the junction of the Green and Crown Road. The Parish Clerk to speak to Highways on the matter.

The next meetings will be the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 16 March with the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 7 April. Both meetings will be held in the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

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